About Being Spiritual
   Date :26-Oct-2017

We can read all the quotes, conspiracy theories & sacred texts we want, but the truth about being “spiritual” is that walking the path is extremely challenging. It will require us to constantly check ourselves on our behaviour, beliefs and actions.

It’s difficult to separate ourselves from the emotions we feel in the moment and understand why we feel the way we do. Becoming the observer of our thoughts, emotions & actions and then asking “why is the body acting in this way?” is something that requires much knowledge of self & distance from the ego.

Being “spiritual” means recognising the relationship we (the body) have with ourselves (the energy that drives the vessel) - this allows us to take a different perspective on life and transcend that which limits us. Hate, jealousy, anger & greed are all limitations that we can be drawn to if we solely identify with the physical form.

If we want to improve our quality of life, feel free & enjoy the rest of the time we have here - it’s essential to start recognising that everything that happens outside of us is a reflection of how we are feeling inside. Every single experience we have has something of value to teach us - regardless of how painful or pleasurable. 
Seeing others as reflections of ourselves is a big part of this - there is no other, we are all one. When we see others in pain - they reflect a part of us that also feels this pain. Acknowledging this perspective breaks down the illusion of separation and encourages us to live through the spirit - as opposed to the ego.

The ultimate truth to be recognised here is that the spiritual path is a never-ending journey of self-discovery, learning and growth. Everything happens for a reason - if we choose to learn what the reasons are. There are no accidents or coincidences - you are exactly where you need to be right now.

There is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path.