Sources Of Wisdom
   Date :26-Oct-2017

Nature -
It’s where we came from. Going back to where we came from instead of being indoors in manmade environments is a great way to learn more about ourselves. Wisdom is acquired from nature when we simply observe the natural state of things without being distracted by our thoughts.

The elderly -
They’ve lived. It’s important for us to spend time with the elderly so that they can pass on their wisdom to us, but also to remind them that they have not been forgotten. It can be easy for us to pass judgement on the elderly and question what relevance their knowledge has today, but there are some life lessons that transcend time and they can only be taught by experience.

Books -
The greatest minds of all time. There are so many books that can teach us valuable life lessons, we just need to decide on the type of knowledge that will help us along our journeys. The ancient philosophers Nietzsche, Plato and Aristotle created texts for the betterment of mankind - this would be a great place to start acquiring powerful wisdom.

Meditation -
Receiving downloads. When we meditate we allow ourselves to “clean the slate” or “wipe the hard drive” of our minds and make room for new information. Over time we will hone our meditation practice to the point where we can tune into the universe and receive messages or “downloads” that will guide us along our journeys.

Mentors -
They can show us the way. Finding someone who has already accomplished what we aspire to achieve and learning from them is the fast-track to success. Mentors can be found almost anywhere - parents, athletes, teachers or fictional characters - even if we cannot speak with them in person we can use the wisdom that made them great to create positive change in our lives.

True wisdom makes our lives simple.