A Billboard That Purifies Air!
   Date :30-Oct-2017

At the time when metropolitan cities are choking due to air pollution, most residents are thinking of installing air purifiers in their households. However, here are a group of college students who have a larger plan — one that will benefit the country and the world at large.

Designed by three third-year engineering students, Dhruv Suri (Aeronautical), Priyanshi Somani (Computer Science), and Raahil Nayak (Aeronautical), from Manipal Institute of Technology, this hoarding, called the GreenBoard, can draw impure air from the surroundings and purify it.
GreenBoard incorporates an air purifier, also known as carbon dioxide scrubber, into an ordinary billboard and purifies the air as it flows through it.

Along with fellow engineering batch mates Raahil Nayak and Priyanshi Somani, it took Dhruv a period of 14 months to turn the concept into reality.

It looks like a normal billboard with an advertisement in the front, but inside is the purification system. On one side of the board, air is drawn in through a large fan and we use sodium hydroxide, a chemical that has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide, and clean air is then let out the other side.
The scrubber system is based on a novel concept involving the application of drip irrigation. The inside of the hoarding consists of absorbent ribbons with an electronic dropper mechanism, continuously keeping the ribbon moistened with the alkali.

The bigger the size of the hoarding, the larger the quantity of air it can purify, Suri adds. “A hoarding of the dimension of 15 by 25 feet is capable of drawing air from a distance of around 750 metres from its location,” Dhruv Suri explains.