Daddy Came Home
   Date :04-Oct-2017

Arti's daughter Priya was just 5 years old when Arti's husband expired in an accident. He used to work at a hospital about an hour away from their home, so he had his own room there to sleep in to save on transportation. Arti was used to him being gone for three days out of every week.

Arti tried her hardest to explain to the child that her daddy had passed away, but it just went over her head. After a few days had passed Priya started asking when her daddy was coming home from work. Priya asked Arti every day for 3 months straight when he was coming home from work.

At one point Arti had to go get his car from the home that they moved out of after his death. She still owned it, but was mentally/emotionally incapable of going back to the house for a while.

She got his car and brought it back to her brother’s house, where they stayed for a couple months, while the kids were sleeping at his house.

Arti didn’t think much of it and went to bed. The next morning Priya came running into Arti's room screaming with the most joyful smile on her face that her daddy had come home from work, because she saw his car in the driveway. Once again, Arti had to explain to her that he wasn’t coming home.

She eventually after several months stopped asking. But, her face when she ran in the room with so much excitement to see him was one of the worst pains Arti’ve felt in her heart.