Crazy Girl
   Date :04-Oct-2017

Zoya was raised in a very strict environment. She never dared to date anybody. While she was preparing for post graduate entrance, she got married.

It was a huge family. So to take care of household chores, she left her further education. In everyone's eyes, she was a perfect daughter in law and a perfect wife. But not in her in laws' eyes. She was so clean and clear like that water which takes the colour of whatever colour is put into it. Her in laws soon started torturing her for dowry and other things. Her marriage dissolved and she was separated. She heaved a sigh of relief. She was happy staying alone. She married the person with whom she never spent time, never got to know him and so never loved him being an arranged marriage.

Couple of months later she took up a job to give time to her career. Then one day she met a guy and he turned out to be her old friend. From a mutual friend she got to know that he is also sailing in the same boat as that of her. Soon he started keeping a good frequency for being in touch with her. And here, Zoya gradually started to fall in love with him. And one day finally she gathered courage to tell him about her feelings for him and was ecstatic as he showed respect for her love for him. And then the frequency of texting and calling started flourishing. But then one day he told Zoya to forget everything on a happy note. A pall of gloom descended on her. She didn't ask him why. Her thinking became obsessive, depriving her of any sense of normalcy. She wished if she could erase that moment. But the memory lingers for the injured one.

His texting and calling after knowing her feelings towards him misunderstood her that he too loved her and was looking forward for a relationship. But to her dismay, it was not.

She started consoling herself telling that he didn't ever say that he loved her. She branded herself as too possessive. She thought that it was her fault. Fault that he never requited his love towards her and she still got carried away.

The worst feeling in the world is when you can't love anyone else, because your heart still belongs to the one whom you loved so dearly. You try any hard to get over that feeling but the feeling never goes away.

And then one balmy day when Zoya was waiting for her mother to come back from a grocery store, she saw him with a girl. They were walking together and he put his hand over her shoulder to show care. This escapade shattered Zoya. She told him that she saw him today but he avoided her by not replying because he knew that he was with that girl. Later Zoya got to know from an old mutual friend that he was a womanizer.

Zoya would never be able to love someone so passionately because she gave him all the love she had, leaving it for no one. This is that wound for Zoya which will never heal.
What an irony? The one she married, couldn't love and the one she loved, couldn't marry.

But can't Zoya be a bit practical? God saved her entering into a wrong relationship. Yes, this is true that no relationship is perfect but it should be authentic. When once Zoya was happy being alone, so now also she can be happy staying alone. And why alone? We never know what destiny has kept for Zoya.

Zoya is still friends with him. She loves him so much that she settled for being friends just to have him in her life. Crazy girl!