Differences Between The Genders On Basis Of Zodiac
   Date :07-Oct-2017

Although the topic of gender is constantly evolving, some astrologers believe that due to our social construct, as well as our genetic makeup there exist dominating characters between men and women. What have you noticed about the opposite sex who is your same sign? Let us educate you on the superb qualities of each person.

Aries :
An Aries woman has the capability to survive on her own in any circumstance.

An Aries man likes to play the hero and will rush to protect you at any moment. They like to test boundaries.

Taurus :
A Taurus woman is wifey material and she will treat you better than any other girl you have been with.

A Taurus man is simple with his needs. You will certainly like his honesty, cool or calm nature.

Gemini :
One week a Gemini woman is all about you and the next she’s off doing her own thing, living separate life.

A Gemini man is always in popular demand and sometimes you will have to accept that women are going to chase him.

Cancer :
A Cancer woman never hide her jealousy and will fight for what belongs to her. You can trust that she will be only freaky for you.

A Cancer man is usually very affectionate, thoughtful, and intuitive. He will always know what you need before you even say anything.

Leo :
A Leo woman is a true queen. Wherever she goes, she leaves a good impression which make all the guys go crazy and the girls jealous.

A Leo man likes a woman who can handle him and put him In his place from time to time.

Virgo :
A Virgo woman is flawless and can definitely give you tough love when you need It.

Virgo man keeps his word and sees things as they are with no sugar coating. Be prepared to get you feelings hurt.

Libra :
A Libra woman is very self-confident in her abilities and looks. She has no reason to be jealous.

A Libra man is a flirt and not many women can catch his attention so you have to stand out.

Scorpio :
A Scorpio women are brilliant so whatever your Intentions are, good or bad she will find them out.

A Scorpio man is powerful, sexy and very satisfying In the bedroom. You can trust this man with anything.

Sagittarius :
A Sagittarius woman speaks her mind regardless of who is around and won’t be controlled by any man.

A Sagittarius man is funny and outgoing. You can always be silly with hIm and you can be sure that he will keep you happy.

Capricorn :
A Capricorn woman is a lady In the streets, but a freak In the bedroom. She handle her business like a true boss first before slacking off.

A Capricorn man isn’t into playing mind games. He either likes you or he doesn’t. He will never give you the wrong Impression.

Aquarius :
An Aquarius woman is In a class of her own. She hardly cares about what people think of her.

Aquarius man is mystery waiting to be solved. He’s original and he won’t always tell you what you want to hear.


Pisces :
A Pisces woman is an angel. At a first glance you can fall In love with her. It takes a lot for her to cut ties With someone.

A Pisces man can be very selfless and honestly get pleasure out of he fact that they are making you happy.


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