Genes are not destiny
   Date :10-May-2017

Book Review: Biology of Belief
Author: Dr. Bruce Lipton (PhD, Stem cell biologist, medical professor)

This book is unique for its content. Its research on human cellular structure, evolution of humans and how request and response mechanism is happening at single and multi-cellular organs.
It helps us to understand, we are not limited by our genetic or biological constraints rather because of misconception. We have unlimited capacity to live life fully, just we need to unleased our potential. Author scientifically explain the connection between body and mind and how mind is driving our physiology.

You will learn here Cellular biology, functions of cell membrane, DNA, RNA, chromosomes, HPA axis and other organ. Quantum physics, Newton Theory, Darwin principle, Pavlov marketing strategy and human evolution.

Some useful Topics from book:

Introduction to Cellular Biology:
Smallest unit of our body is cell. Cell contain chromosomes thread like structure. Chromosomes contain DNA and proteins. DNA divided into single Genes.

Functions of DNA, RNA, proteins and Genes:

DNA - Cell's long term memory, information passes from generation to generation.
RNA - Copy of DNA molecules, active memory used by cell.
Proteins - Molecular binding blocks, provide for cell structure and behavior.
Genes - Physical memories of organism’s learned experiences.

Genes can’t trigger itself, it required environment. Genes are shaped and influence by environment, which makes our perceptions and belief which drive our rest of life.

Matter and energy:
Matter is made up of Atoms. Molecule is assemblies of atoms. Atoms contain Electron, photon and neutrons. Atoms are made up of invisible energy, not tangible matter.
Einstein revealed that (E = mc2, Energy = mass * speed of light (c2)). We don’t live in universe with discrete, physical objects separated by dead space. Universe is one indivisible, dynamic whole in which energy and matter are deeply entangled, it’s impossible to consider them independent elements.
Biologist considering body as matter and completely ignored the role that energy plays in health and disease. Energy is more efficient means of affecting matter than chemicals.
Antibiotics are indiscriminate killers; they kill harmful bacteria as well as bacteria that are required for our survival. That's why these antibiotics comes with so many side effects. Modern bio-medicine needs to incorporate this concept to make safer medicine.

Emotions drive physiology (Growth and Protection behavior):
Function of HPA axis (Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal) is to grow our digestion, absorption, excretion and other systems.
When we are in stress (in sorrow, anger or frustration), brain’s hypothalamus perceives environment threat, it engages HPA axis by sending signals to Pituitary gland.

Pituitary gland send signal to adrenal gland to provide response. Once adrenal alarm is sounded, stress hormones release into blood. It stops all life sustaining activities like digestion and other. And try to protect the system from threat. Its war like situation in our body and stop all growth activities. If such war like situation (stress) continue for longer time, then it can lead us to chronicle diseases.
When there is no threat, then HPA axis is inactive and growth activities flourish.

Cautious Parenting:
Genes account for only 48% of factors that determine IQ. When synergistic effects of mingling mother and father genes are factored in, true inherited component of intelligence plummets even further to 34%. Condition during prenatal development significantly impact IQ 51% of child potential intelligence is controlled by environment Factors. Drinking and smoking during pregnancy can cause decrease IQ in children. IQ changes are not accidents; they are linked to altered blood flow in stressed brain.

If we had conscious parents, teachers who served as wonderful life models, always engaging in humane & win-win relations with everyone in community. If our subconscious mind were programmed with such healthy behavior, we could be totally successful in our lives without ever being conscious.

Some interesting Movies:
By any technique, if we can able to increase our brain, mind and memory power. We can do many wonders in our life. This concept is beautifully demonstrated in movies like "Lucy" or "Limitless".