Can only medical treatment cure disease from physical body?
   Date :10-May-2017

Disease means Dis in ease, discomfort in body or in life. As per study most of diseases are cause due to our negative emotions like frustration, anger (short temper nature), fear, hater, resentment or grief.

Let’s understand above statement in detail:
When someone in anger or fear, it causes stress in mind. Stress accumulated as negative energy (Toxins) in body. Energy level goes down and it affects the immune system. Later it comes as disease in body.
Any type of stress or frustration like not having good canteen food, “Oh God Its Monday” or travelling daily for 40km for office :) anything, can leads to disease in body.

To cure the disease, we always prefer medical treatment. Do you really think medical treatment can provide complete cure?

Most of the time, Medicine is providing symptomatic relief rather than cure. Let me explain this, suppose if someone is suffering from sleepless disorder. Doctor will provide medicine to get good sleep. Sleeping disorder is a symptom, not actual root cause. In this case actual root cause is stress. Those medicines are only prolonging the disease and not actually working on root cause. That's why people are taking such medicines for years for chronicle diseases like diabetes, cancer and other.

How to deal with dis-eases?
We need to release the stress from our mind or it will come later as disease in body in same or different form.
Negative emotions can be reduce by practice, these are only habits. We need to change our thinking pattern. Most of IT people are habitually frustrated, they only happy on weekend or day when salary gets credited :).
Those who addicted to negative emotions, only advice is "Change The Habit" or start saving some amount for medical expenses or get mediclaim policy. Sooner or later they will required it.


Belief is Key:
If you believe that this medicine/doctor is going to help me to recover. It will definitely help you to recover from disease.

If any doctor says, this particular disease is incurable or you have to take this medicine for rest of your life. If you believe the same, then it can be very difficult to cure that person with medicine. That's why many psychiatrist/Hypnotist claims that they can cure any disease without medicine or with placebo i.e. dummy treatment/medicine.
For us Reality is what we believe. There is no incurable disease only incurable belief. You have to be believe in yourself that we all have antidotes present in our body to cure them.

Prevention is always better than cure:

Happiness is best antidotes to any disease. If we don't want disease in our life, we need to be happy in every situation.
Events happening in life are not good or bad. It’s our interpretation about that events makes us happy or unhappy. We need to train our mind to always look for positive aspect of every situation.
When you are happy, you have more life force energy that means strong immune system. It gives enthusiasm to perform well in every aspect of life.
We need to keep our health as highest priority in life. Do regular exercise, check your food habits.

As per research, if cells are kept in healthy environment, it can stay healthy for many years. Similarly if we keep our body in healthy condition, we can also live longer, healthy and cheerful life.
For complete cure, along with Medicine, we need to remove those negative emotions from mind. Do not hold on any resentment/anger/worry for anyone for any reason.
Just take deep breath and let Go. We can't hold the breath for longer time, similarly do not hold any stress/frustration for longer time in your mind.