Unbelievable story of one of the giant in automobile industry.
   Date :10-May-2017

He worked as a mechanic at Japanese workshop. He was working on design of 'Piston ring' to sell this idea to Toyota. Worked day and night in workshop, designed and produced worthy product. He also used his wife jewelry to complete his design. When presented this design to Toyota, they disqualified saying it doesn't match their standards. Instead of loosing hopes, he worked consistently for 2 years, redesigned it and finally bagged the contract from Toyota.

Those were days of Japan war, he started building factory for production. But raw material were not available because of war. So he invented new concrete making process and built factory. But factory were bombed by allied forces into ashes and all his work got vanished.Then he started again from scratch and built factory. But what a fate, factory bombed once again.

See the courage of this man, again started from zero. But due to war, steel were not available. He used gasoline cans from US fighters and built factory. Now this time what happened, Guess... Earth Quake destroyed the factory. Is anything worst can happen than this, but he again stood up to achieve his dreams.

After Japan war over, gasoline shortage forces people to walk or use bicycles. He invented tiny engine which attached to bicycle. He got good demand for his invention, but enable to fulfill it because of unavailability of material. If there were problem he always had solutions. He wrote inspiring letter to 18000 bicycle shops to help him in his mission. He got positive responses and finally invented 'The super cub' cycle. It became huge success.

But story doesn't end here, this is only beginning, after this also he faced lot of challenges and succeeded.

This person failed many times, but never gave up and over come on every obstacles. He gave 'HONDA Automobile Company' to the world and legend name is 'Soichiro Honda'. Company succeeded because of this man's vision, inventions, truly committed decision and more important is perseverance.

This story also shows that if you get more number of failure, you will get more success. So next time whenever you thinking to give up anything in your life, just look at any HONDA model.