The Two Epics Bahubali and The Lion King
   Date :19-May-2017

There are several Telugu movies that follow similar lines (Jayam Manadera to Aadi to Indra) where the protagonist lives elsewhere without taking up his true identity and eventually comes back to claim his throne or leadership position. In fact, the fiction movie series of Telugu Film Industry have considerable resemblances to The Lion King at some point or other. So are some of the early folk movies of Indian Film Industry. For that matter, all these movies have some resemblance to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which Prince Hamlet is true heir of King Hamlet but King Claudius takes the throne.

The Lion King, is a tale of two brothers that takes place in The Pride Lands (Mahishmati). Unlike men, The Pride Lands is inhabited by innocent animals who are suffering under the rule of a bad king Scar (Bhallaladeva). Now, Scar is also the bad brother of the good king Mufasa (Amarendra Baahubali). After Mufasa dies, his little son Simba (Mahendra Baahubali) runs away and grows in remote lands, far from The Pride Lands. Just like Mahendra Baahubali, Simba grows unaware of his real destiny that he is the true king of The Pride Lands. Just like Devasena who is held captive by Bhallaladeva, Mufasa is cruel to his brother’s wife Saribi (Devasena). Just like Mahendra Baahubali meets Avanthika in Baahubali 2 which eventually leads him to Mahishmati, Simba also meets his love interest Nala (Avanthika). The Lion King also has a character Rafiki (Kattappa) who guides Simba to achieve his true destiny.

1) The introduction part of the movie where the baby is announced as the king. One is the ruler of Mahasmati Kingdom and the other one is the king of the jungle.


2) In both the movies, scar is much identical and is placed on the exact same place. Both are cruel and killed by the young king.

3) The wise old characters in both the movies that save the king and help him in making decisions. Kattappa in Bahubali is being compared with animated character Rafiki, who is a Mandrill.


4) The lead characters in the movies loses their home and are brought up by people other than their parents.


5) Bahubali and Simba’s love story which started after a big fight with their love-interest.

The Lion King and Baahubali 2 are also similar in using ‘lookalikes’ well to keep suspense in the stories. Just like Amarendra and Mahendra, Simba and Mufasa also look the same. It’s because of their looks, we see a grown-up Simba seeing his reflection in a river (when he actually sees his father). It’s here when his father (this reflection in a river) tells his son Simba that he is the true king of The Pride Lands. Many similar images from both the films are floating around on the internet and one can’t help noticing these similarities.