The Real Thing About Parenting
   Date :17-Jun-2017

Ananya was busy playing with her teddy bear and dolls. Nandini just finished her office work and kept her laptop aside. As she works from home. She always struggled to complete it in given time, as she also needs to complete daily house chores and then look after Ananya. Nandini felt frustrated some times while trying to manage all this.

While watching Ananya playing with her soft toys suddenly a guilt formed in Nandini's mind. She thought, “Oh look at my baby, as I am not giving her enough quality time. She is playing all alone with these toys.”
Nandini though being a career oriented almost gave up her flourishing career when Ananya was born. She enjoyed her life's most beautiful role as mother and never regretted about her decision. Still, after Ananya's first birthday, opportunity knocked her door and she accepted the job with an option to work from home so that she can look after Ananya herself.

Perfectionist Nandini kept on struggling on all three fronts of home, work and motherhood and often started feeling stressed out with small issues. Time flied and Ananya grown up to be five year old adorable little champ. Everything was going fine but still guilt of not able to give full attention to Ananya kept dwelling on Nandini's mind and troubled her in small ways. Same thing happened that day also but Nandini felt innate urge to get rid of her guilt.

She got up from her chair immediately and started looking for some storybook in Ananya's bookshelf. Nandini herself loves to read and insistent about Ananya's reading habit also.
Therefore, she came out waving two attractive picture storybooks in hand and called Ananya...
"Anu...Look what mummy have for you. Let’s read them all”
Ananya with full of surprise looked at her mom and nodded her head to say no, then came closer to her and enacted ' be silent ' pose by placing fingertip on her lips.
"Shhhh mamma”. Said Ananya whispering in Nandini's ear...” my Tinku & Pinky are sleeping... Do not talk loudly. Otherwise they will wake up .I have lots of work to complete before they get up “pointing towards her kitchen set and toy laptop Ananya said and started playing again.

As Anu refused to read, Nandini felt guiltier and not able to get rid of it. She felt low and tears rolled down her eyes thinking on it. Her phone beeped and there was message from her Mom. Her mother recently wrote an article for magazine...
A paragraph that reads...

"As a parent...especially mothers we often think that we are failing to be perfect mothers. We want our children to be all-rounder in life. We want to inculcate good habits in them and always keep on pushing them. We have all those do's & don'ts lists ready to tell them and we literally keep bombarding them with all our energy and time. When our children do not listen or perform accordingly we take it as insult or guilt. We forget that children are great imitators. They learn values and ways of life by observing parents and surroundings. They do not need any extra, special, or quality time. Each moment for them is special. They observe everything and keep learning even when parents are busy doing any other work. They learn how to do that while parents do it. So please do not ever have a guilt about not spending enough time with your little ones. Keep on doing your daily works. Follow your routines and hobbies...Also have new passions and dreams to work on. Keep on refreshing your knowledge. Children will learn to be independent and work accordingly. It will shape their personality and add great perspective to their life."

Reading this Nandini realized what to do and felt free from guilt. She felt contented about whatever she managed to do in these years do & felt real happiness of being a working mother.

Now when she knows the real thing about parenting her, started reading her favorite books daily in her free time and soon Ananya joined her with her favorite picture books!