Do Not Fear, Raise The Voice
   Date :02-Jun-2017

Pune girl stalked by an Uber driver and once again, Uber is under bad-name in cab services. People on social media are questioning whether Uber is following the norms and screening for the cab drivers. At the same time a fair quote is about how Uber or any service provider can add a Stalking Test in their interview process. So the major aspect is what’s going wrong with the society? What are we heading to? Why such incidences are increasing day by day? Why such people are not scared of the law or the system?

Recently, Ambika Sharma Anavkar, a Pune resident, shared her bitter experience with a creepy Uber driver.
In a Facebook post, she narrated how the driver kept annoying her with repeated texts.
After a string of shady messages, Ambika immediately reached out to Uber. Uber got in touch with her on Twitter and apologised for the experience. They responded saying that the incident was extremely disturbing and assured that the cabbie will be suspended.

Such conditions are not for only Ambika or any other single girl. It’s about each and every female in our society. The moment any girl replies politely or in friendly manner, the reaction she gets is something very much unexpected and the person is turned into just another creep.

Can we name a single place where a girl is safe? Home? Public Place? Market Area? Shopping Mall? Washrooms? Workplace?
Her colleague checks her out at her work place no matter on what designation she works. Unknowns in crowd, malls, and market areas touch her. The washrooms and changing rooms are equipped with hidden cameras. She is not even safe at her own home because any creepy neighbour or relative may harm her any time.

Every day the newspaper publishes stories of endless cases of rapes and sexual abuses on women, which clearly states that India is not a safe place for women.
In a country where both men and women are worshiped as gods, in the very same country, women become victims to brutal violence and molests.

The rapes and crimes against women in India drastically under-reported.
Woman Safety is a big concern in India for all the Citizens, Politicians and all the stakeholders. And this can only be ensured by changing our mind-sets towards women, especially the mind-set of politician.
Women opinion in India is extremely suppressed. They are not able to raise their voice on such issues for the sake of fear, family, defame. Women need to understand that unless they don't raise their voice, unless they don't empower themselves and raise their defences, the problem will never be fully solved.
Raise the voice, do not fear. For your raised voice can protect you and many more who might be next easy hunt for the person troubling you.
Not every person around is evil, once you raise the voice other will join you in your support.
Remember, we ourselves are the solution to the problem.