Style by Aakansha Kapoor
   Date :06-Jun-2017

Celebrity Fashion Stylists are one of those powerful people in the world of high fashion, who can make or break the entire look of your favourite celebrities. The celeb stylists are the ones who know quite well what a celeb should wear to make that on point style statement. They have a strong hold on how to source the best of outfits or jewelry and make it a win-win situation for the celeb they are styling. In simpler words, we can say that they are the one who makes a celebrity, The Celebrity.

Aakansha Kapoor is among those ace Celebrity Stylists Who Are Glamming Up Your Favourite Stars.
She knows exactly how to style right and on point! Zareen Khan, Urvashi Rautela, Dipika Singh, Yuvika Choudhary, Avantika Hundal, Pooja Gor, Sharmiela Mandre, Mahhi Vij, Sana Khan, Tina Datta, Rashmi Desai and Karan Mehra are some of the celebs whom she has worked with so far. You will soon come to know the reason why we are saying so!
Here's an exclusive interview of Celebrity Fashion Stylist Aakansha Kapoor.


Hi Aakansha, welcome to Spice n Sugar, we are very glad that you took out time for us from your busy schedule.
Totally my pleasure.

All your followers know about your work as celeb stylist, tell us about the real Aakansha when she is not working, when she is with family & freinds.
So apart from being a workaholic I also love to have my “ me time ” in which I usually like to pamper myself or watch some series and have quality time with my family and my set of friends.

When & how did you started your career as a stylist? What inspired you to choose this career?
So I started on my own as a freelance stylist about 2 years back.
I was basically interested in fashion and wanted to do something in that field and then I met a stylist who told me what exactly styling is and I got so inspired that from that point of time I decided that i wanted to pursue my career in styling.

Today you are among those ace Celebrity Stylists who are glamming up Television Stars. How does it feels to be at top.
To be frank, I feel I still have a long way to reach that level. And by every styling look I feel I am climbing that ladder and becoming more successful and more confident enough about my work.

At a very tender age, you had achieved great heights. Whom do you give the credit of your success?
Two people in my life who truly deserve the credit for what I am right now are my parents. Its just because of my mom's constant support and my dad's decision to let me pursue what I want, getting out of his comfort zone is the result of what I am right now.
And ofcourse my two best friends who are always there with me through my ups and downs.

Tell us about the challenges you faced in your journey till now?
Challenges are a part of everything you do.
My first challenge was to get good clients on my list for styling and then to live up to their expectations.
And as its a freelancing, you are not sure when you have work and when you are free. So you need to be  mentally prepared for every situation that comes. Whether be a lot of work at a time or no work for few days.

Has life changed for you after gaining success? What do you want to achieve in your life now?
I have a lot to achieve yet.
I hope and plan to style a lot of Bollywood as well as South celebs and be a name to whom most of the celebs could relate to and depend on.

Do you get overwhelmed by praise?
Ofcourse sometimes. Thats human nature. But I always strive to work more hard.

Who according to you handles the "being celebrity" most creatively?
According to me it has to be Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone.
And from the celebs I have worked with, its Pooja Gor & Sana Khan.

Tell us about The Trunk Show.
“ The Trunk Show ” was something I wanted to do from a long time. It was basically a kind of exhibition where the designers displaying from all over india were handpicked and curated by me. And easily accessible to everyone in Mumbai.

Can you mention one word for each.... Aakansha 5 years back, Aakansha today & Aakansha after 5 years.
5 years back - Shy & Confused
Today - Clear & confident about my work and career.
After 5 years - I really don't know. As I like to go with the flow.

Women security. Being in this career line, what are your views on it?
I think Womens security in all the career lines are the same and totally dependent on the women herself. In today's date, a women is pretty much sure and confident about what she needs to do and how she needs to do that. So with these things clear in the head, the security and all the other factors are also thought upon by every women.

You have been interviewed so many times - What is the one question you wished someone would have asked you, but never did?
I think there is no such question. As I am a bit reserved when it comes to my personal life and I try and answer the least questions possible related to that. And when it comes to professional life, each and every question has been asked and I am open to anything related to fashion or my work.

Thank you so much Aakansha for taking out time and talking to us. Good luck to you as you move onto the next stage in your life. Without a doubt, you will continue to have success in all areas! Our best wishes are with you.
Thank you so much. It was a pleasure for me to give this interview.