Who Is He
   Date :14-Jul-2017

Somebody had rightly said..."Everyone dies alone. But, if you mean something to someone... if you have someone... you love someone... if even a single person remembers you... then maybe you never really die. And maybe, this isn’t the end at all."

But that’s not our story. Our story starts with him in rain and travels to the rain within him.

It was raining. Both outside and inside.
The loneliness of silent nights kept him awake. And being awake he kept on thinking.
Thinking about what went off and what is going on.
every morning he gather all his strength to start a new day and every night he end up with the same situation where he is tired and weakness within making him bend on his knees.
He was not always like this. Once upon a time long ago he was a cheerfully happy go lucky just like all other normal humans. Living and chasing the dreams was a routine. Putting up feathers in his cap was a habit.
Full of love and care he was a smiling face.
However, today, it has all reverted to opposite. Social was vanished somewhere from this social animal and only animal was left. The animal who lives alone in jungle. Far from men, in their own small world. The animal who attack the humans just because they themselves are scared of humans. They are scared because they know that humans will harm them, hurt them, and kill them. Because humans will invade their happy place, their home, their jungle.
He is no more a social animal. He avoids the other people, avoids the society because he had received a lot of destruction from them. For he knows that he is not acceptable in this society of people with fake smile on their faces and they talk at his back.
Not that he does not love or care for anybody anymore. But he is scared inside. Today also, he makes other smile, but he never smiles. He cares, he understands, but he is scared.
He is more than hurt, wounded, broken, shattered...he is scared.
Scared to unbox himself, scared to open up.

Do you know who is he? Why is he so? Might be you had come across or met him or seen him around.