Things Which Were Left Unsaid
   Date :17-Jul-2017

"It appears broken"...said Chaitanya as Netrapriya and her maternal grandfather were about to sit on one of the bench inside the park. Netrapriya whispered, "We are also broken" and her grandfather burst out laughing. Netrapriya too joined him. Chaitanya, the little kid, was completely unaware of what they were talking about or why they were laughing.

Netrapriya's grandfather has come down with a bad case of loneliness. Now it's been more than 15 years her grandmother passed away. It was an asthma exacerbation. She was admitted in emergency. Negligence on her part fell in from her own son who was henpecked. Her grandma was a mother to four daughters and a son. Her death was sudden and unexpected for all her daughters. It shocked everyone. So many things, which her daughters wanted to say to her and so many things, which she wanted to tell to her daughters..., were left unsaid. many things were left unsaid. The citrus tree in the courtyard died soon. Netrapriya could feel the silence in the air. No words to say. The silence still remains and the words left unsaid also remain there itself.

Truth is things will always be left unsaid. No matter what conversation we have in life, there will always be the lingering thought that we could have said or done something differently.

There are times when Netrapriya misses her grandma so much that it hurts. For Netrapriya, holidays were so special because they were the very essence of her grandparents. Rakshabandhan and BhaiDooj were always celebrated at her grandparents' place. The food prepared by her grandma always tasted divine.

Grandpa misses her. He misses everything about her. Memories are not always perfect...they are sometimes traumatizing.

I am happy for Netrapriya's grandfather because he sees a strong support in Netrapriya. She is always there for him. She always sets out to cheer him up. There are a lot of things which give life a meaning and one of them I suppose is to make some life breathe easier because you have lived.