Priceless Souvenirs Of Indian Heritage
   Date :27-Jul-2017

There was a time when India was known as Sone Ki Chidiya (Bird of Gold). India always had a very rich heritage, which with the passing time and uncountable invaders and dacoits, was looted and taken away from India.
India's history is having numerous lost stories hidden in it.
Stories about the rich culture, heritage, history.
All these stories are linked with so many pieces that belong to India but are scattered at various places abroad.

The New York Metropolitan Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Berlin Museum, National Library of France are some of the names which are having priceless pieces of India's rich heritage and culture.

Let us have a look on some of these priceless souvenirs of Indian heritage.

01. 3rd Century's Ceramics-Painting of Lord Shiva. Now in Metropolitan Museum, New York ...!

02. Sculpture of cow and calf of 7th century from Uttar Pardesh, now in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.....!

03. 1900 yrs old Three-headed Lord Shiva, of Gandhara Kingdom... Now in Berlin Museum....!

04. A photo of the original Wagh Nakh kept at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
The weapon was used by the Maratha king Shivaji to kill Afzal Khan in 1658....!

05.Painting of Padmawati (1765), now in National Library of France....!

06. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's portrait made on his time, Now in British Museum, London...!

07. The Shah Jahan table cut Diamond, measuring 44.6 × 33 × 3.6 mm and weighing 56.71 carats,
is one of several that have been credited as a match for the Great Table Diamond viewed by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier at Golconda in 1642,
now in Metropolitan Museum New York.

08. The sixteen-armed form of the Goddess Durga Killing the Demon Mahishasura. 1150 AD... now at Metropolitan Museum, New York....!

09. Lord Vishnu in the lotus, bronze, eastern India, 1100-1200 AD. Now in the Oxford University Museum....!

10. Lord Shiva as Nataraja. 850-1250 CE Bronze, of Chola Dynasty Statue, now at Metropolitan Museum New York...!