Nostalgic School Days!
   Date :11-Aug-2017

“Teacher I had done the homework but I forgot the notebook.”
“Do you forgot to bring your lunchbox ever? Then how do you forgot your notebook?”
“Sorry Teacher, I will show you the homework tomorrow.”
“No, do it two times right now.”

I was watching a movie and this scene took me back in time to the nostalgic memories of school days.
Those typical conversations of telling the story of movie that you watched on Sunday or sharing the tales of the place you have been in your vacations.
Sharing the lunchbox, copying the homework, show-off the perfumed eraser, giggling and talking when the teacher is busy and make innocent faces when she looks at you.
I guess everyone had experienced this in the school time.

School days are the best phase of our life. It is the formative period for everyone. They shape our character, mould our mental attitudes and fashion the basic principles of life. School days fill the mind with nostalgic memories. Countless memories entangled with school days.
Time moves in one direction, memory in another!

I still remember the first day in school. It is a usual tradition that kids cry a lot on getting separated from their parents. Entering a new environment filled with unfamiliar people caused anxiety. For parents, the main source of separation anxiety was worrying that their child would feel abandoned. Some kids cried on seeing other kids crying. Teachers came up with an idea of taking kids to the playground before entering the classroom. So instead of crying we all got busy with taking turns on the slide and other play stuffs. Those were careless days. No worries. Learning alphabets and numbers was no big deal. Best part was shouting our lungs out while telling the poetry rhymes to volumes all tuned up (so that for the rest of the day our teacher would just leave us in peace).

Excitement of buying new school uniform, covering books with brown paper and pasting your favourite stickers before every academic year. Going back next year and seeing all the same people. It was so refreshing to meet friends, new comers and teachers after a long summer vacation of two months and start a new school year. There were classes held daily interspersed with quarterly examinations.

Independence Day, Republic Day, Saraswati Pujan, Teachers'Day, Childrens'Day, Annual sports day, matches, tournaments, cultural shows, competitions, debates, writing poems and articles for the school magazine, picnics...all these activities made the school life lively, interesting and enjoyable. School time would have been incomplete without these big celebrations. How much we started thinking about wearing a traditional attire for all these different celebrations. All these celebrations were crazily fun.

Listening to long speeches from school officials and the guests under the hot sun in schoolyards. Munching the box lunch quickly so that the remaining time could be utilised for playing. Free period was the best thing ever. Everyone was free to do their own stuff. Exchanging juicy gossip on who has a crush on whom, calculating love percentage, wearing casuals on your birthday and the entire class singing 'Happy Birthday to you'.

Moreover, the pillars...Our teachers! They all had lovely personalities. They made every student feel special. They were the ones who radiated warmth and ignored the bratty behaviour. There had been many teachers who had influenced me but the ones who have had the greatest influence are my Sanskrit, Mathematics and History teachers. These were the ones who had passion and enthusiasm. Our Sanskrit teacher taught us for 3 years. She was old and grizzled. She was the one with pedagogical knowledge. Our principal Mrs. Chatterjee took history classes for us. She had peculiar style of teaching. Every day she would revise whatever she taught the day before and then start afresh. Our mathematics teacher would give us intricate and often surprising problems. Her good spirit and humour made the maths classes fun and lively. Good teaching is all about passion; it is about caring for your craft.

My school gave me super friends, generous teachers. I just did not realize how soon time flew. Wish I could rewind time. Expecting the status quo, I blink my eyes, where did it go? Looking backwards along yesterday's track, I am no kid anymore. No matter where you go, school friends will be always special. As we transitioned from high school to college, new college life and friends never came at the expense of school friends. Tools like Facebook and WhatsApp always kept us in touch with each other.
Nostalgia is for the times we miss.
Wherever I go... However far one can steal these moments from me.