Increase The Value Of A White Paper Without Writing On It
   Date :14-Aug-2017

1.Take two big bowls filled with saffron and green color respectively.

2.Hold the white paper breadthwise and make sure the ratio of sides is 3:2 (length x breadth) as shown below.

3.Dip the upper 1/3rd rectangle of the sheet into the bowl full of saffron color, as shown next.

4.Dip the lower 1/3rd part of rectangle into the bowl containing green color.You’ll get something like this:

5.Take a smaller bowl , paint its rim with navy blue color and press it down exactly at the center of this rectangle, like this:

6.Finally, take a matchstick or toothpick(or any stick of similar girth) whose length is equal to the radius of the bowl used in point 5.Now, dip this stick in the same navy blue color and paint the circle above with 24 equal radii partitions to get something similar to this:

And done…

You have just profoundly increased the value of the white paper, which was mere sheet of paper initially, is now representing the world’s most populous(apx 1/6th of world’s population) democratic country’s flag, INDIA.

You may now feel proud of yourself.

Jai hind!

Image Source-Google