Kaas Plateau - The Beautiful Valley Of Flowers
   Date :04-Aug-2017

I do remember my first visit to this beautiful place. It was rainy day and the route goes through Yavateshawar Hills. The entire route is having roadside plants and big trees and green grass all over... and while going through the route, lovely view of entire Satara can be seen which makes you feel lovely and fresh due to various shades of green colour.

Kaas plateau is one of the beautiful, natural miracle on the earth... lots of different kind of rare and important biodiversity is seen here specially during rainy season only. Flowers that bloom during this rainy season changes periodically from August onwards until October ending. One can see the beautiful floral carpet of different colors at this place. The Kaas plateau is named due to presence of KASA trees in this area. It is also known as biodiversity hotspot for various types of seasonal wild flowers bloom and numerous species of endemic butterflies annually in months of August and September. The plateau is situated at an altitude of 1200 meters and is approximately 10 square Km in area. Kaas plateau has more than 850 different species of flowering plants of which 624 are listed on the IUCN Red list, including orchids, Carnivorous plants and shrubs like Karvy. It is situated 25 Kilometers west from Satara city in Maharashtra, India. It falls under Sahyadri Sub Cluster of the Western Ghats, and it became a part of UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2012.

Kaas plateau is having number of colorful wild flowers which we have never seen anywhere. People from many different areas do come and see the flowers. Flowers always make us smile and feel fresh at any moment. When we see so many colored flowers in such a large open area, we become speechless...! Nature is creative in its own way... You just cannot wait to check out the colors, shapes, shades, designing patterns of the flowers. in true sense , I have felt many times that we don’t even stand in front of nature and its creativity.... it’s just amazing to see lovely flowers with rainfall, and open sky.....!!! We can feel the beauty of nature at every step when we visit the Kaas plateau.

I do have one memorable moment at Kaas when I saw Drocera plant first time...! We all have learned the Drocera plant as insectivorous plant from our school days, even with the picture of it...! But trust me, when I saw it first time I was just dancing and feeling so happy that I have achieved something great in my life...! I was so happy because I was searching this plant for nearly 4-5 hrs in entire plateau...! It is very tiny small but lovely to see...! Luckily, I got to see one insect trapped by Drocera and that was amazing experience to see how the insect is trapped by Drocera...!

Every year I do visit this place and every time I feel that, something new I have gained through these visits. Many people do visit foreign countries but they are not aware of places like Kaas, which is in Maharashtra and in their own country...! I strongly encourage you all to visit the place atleast once and experience the beauty of the nature at Kaas...!!!

At the end of the Kaas plateau, beautiful lake Kaas is there.... after walking throughout the entire way, when we saw the lake we can’t just control to just stand and sit outside the lake. The cold water of lake makes you relaxed, and you feel fresh...! Tiredness goes out within few seconds...!

Another attraction is Karvy plant, which blooms once in seven years...! I have seen Karvy plants and its beautiful violet colored flowers at this place. If anybody wants to learn Ecology, Biodiversity, Botany, Zoology or Science of Life, then one should definitely visit this place. At such places, we understand the nature in better way. Rather we should value such kind of places.

I do remember Kaas Plateau visits well before 2012 when it was not recognized as World Natural Heritage site. It was very open without boundaries or barrier walls and not much known to people. Some photographers, educational visitors, researchers, ecologists, botanists, nature lovers, only knew it... but slowly the place became popular and the crowd started making it polluted by throwing the plastics bags, wrappers, dirty things and alcohol bottles...! This is very disturbing and shameful for us as everywhere we make our nature and its eco system dirty and disturbing for other living beings...! I do remember on incidence where at the Plateau, the group of some visitors were taking pictures in such way that entire floral carpet was damaged by their poses....literally they were lying down and taking pictures....!!! Don’t know why it becomes so much tough for people to have civic or common sense to understand their duties towards the nature and its conservation. Steps are taken by the authorities to protect the flowers and floral carpets, which bloom every year in rainy season. Visitors are restricted to take pictures from the area of Barrier walls only... we have made this kind of situation, as we do not value our nature...! Wherever we go, we should be aware to keep the nature and its surroundings clean, non-polluted and undisturbed. Because If nature is there, we are here.

So do visit and explore new places, which will give you pleasure and happiness, but be responsible to conserve and protect the same so that we can handover a pleasant natural heritage to the upcoming generation.