Siblings: The First Chapter Of Teamwork, Leadership And Management
   Date :04-Aug-2017

Our siblings pay a very important role in our life. Siblings are the first chapter of our life for teamwork, leadership and management. My brother and I have an age difference of about 4 years. I am elder to him. Our relationship has evolved in a fantastic way- from fighting buddies to respect and caring state.

#DumbKid: When my brother did not know how to count and I had told him that the shiny coins are more precious than currency notes, he used to exchange his 5 rupees note for my 50 paise coins all the time.

#FightingKid: When we fight, we fight like Spartans. But the best part is, it doesn't stay for long. We start our fights, swear we won't talk to each other ever again, declare our wars to parents and cook maggie individually and don't share it with the other. And like it always does, food brings us back, good as always.

#PartnersInCrime: I used to hate ladyfinger curry as a kid and my brother hated bottle gourd curry and curd. Our parents have the rule imposed that one has to eat everything made in dinner. We had carved a deal that he used to finish my ladyfinger curry and I did same with bottle gourd secretly from each other's plate when our parents were not watching.

#CuteKid: I was coming back home from college around 7PM. I was getting nervous as it was getting darker. I was late due to one stupid presentation. My father was out of town and I had no idea how would I reach home after getting down from the bus. The distance between the bus stop and our house is around 2km and the area is like a Ghost town after 7PM. As I got down the bus, I started walking towards my home.
Suddenly, somebody called me, "Wait!" I looked back and it was my brother.
Me: "What are you doing here?"
Brother: "I was waiting for you, I know you are afraid of dark."
I was almost in tears…
Brother: "I’ll come to pick you up in a bike once I grow up."
As we both walked towards home, I found out he left his cricket match incomplete and came to bus stop to take me home since 6PM. This was when he was just 10 years old.

#BrightKid: I was in my graduation, when he had his board exams. My brother did not like English much as a subject but he was class topper and a bright kid in Science and Maths. I remember my mother asked me to take leave from college and teach him English during pre-board holidays in Jan-Feb. He did exceptionally well in boards and secured 96% marks in ICSE class Xth.

We are grown up now. Both our parents are working and we take care of them when we are home on vacations.
We cook, we make tea, we joke, we are buddies, we gossip, we counsel each other...List is endless.