The Ray Of Sunshine On A Rainy Day
   Date :08-Aug-2017

Write a diary! Has always been one good old advice from my dad. I have written a diary all my life. OK! I know it sounds boring. Where is the time! Who has a pen to do the same? Duh!

We all are busy juggling between Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc and I guess it is already exhausting. But then where is YOU in all of this. A virtual you everywhere not the real YOU. Now ask yourself how rarely you think or post or upload something that will make you happy in the real sense. Aren’t we living to show off our life requiring an approval/acceptance of people we know? Why is it this way? Think about it. People who really matter aren’t posting their pictures nor boosting about where or what they had in dinner or where to they are traveling. These people are the people who are actually living life in real sense. Making each day of their lives count.

Get yourself a Diary.
To begin with, either you buy a diary from any stationery store nearby or just start writing online. The Best part of getting a physical Diary is you get to pick from huge variety of colors, patterns, binds, etc. We all love the smell of new stationery! And if you are thinking its way to boring to visit a store, do it online. Yes, we all are in serious commitment with our cell phones, tablets and laptops. There are number of mobile applications and website that allow you to write your Diary online securing with best possible features. What are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

Your Emotions Store House.
Think about it. You had the most wonderful day of your life. It involved few people who made it special and you write about it in your small diary. It will always store you emotions attached with the moments. Period. When you open this one day of your life few years later in your life you will cherish these moments more truly than going back to your Instagram or FB page.

Declutter your mind.
One of the best things about writing a Diary is that can declutter your mind. We live in a world full of shit and we face shitty people almost every day. At one point of time, we desperately need to cut the drama. Your Little Diary is at the rescue. Write it down and forget about who ruin your day.

Feel happy about yourself
Writing a Diary is always an easy and most convenient way to express yourself. It is like standing in front of the mirror either daily or once in a while. As the famous quote says, “Your thoughts are your reflection of your soul”. Smile because you are a beautiful soul. Nobody can be YOU better than YOU.

Find solutions to problems.
You are struck in the middle of nowhere and all you need is a mindful advice to escape the situation. When you write about the situation, you playback the entire situation and if lucky enough you may find solutions to the problems encountered by you while putting it down in your Diary.

Face the reality/reality check.
There are times we don’t accept the facts of our lives. We need our friends, soulmates or parents to show us and tell us what is right and what silly thing to believe to be true. Writing a Diary, you come across numerous facts which are need a reality check. When was the last time you did that?