The Other Side Of Kaikeyi
   Date :15-Sep-2017

We had known only one side of Kaikeyi.
She was part of things that were destined to happen.
Had there been no Kaikeyi, there would have been no vanvaas (exile), no kidnapping of Sita and therefore no eradication of the asur (demon kings).
Tulasidas says that it was all a cosmic plan to eradicate the demons.

A Gyani (learned person) would know about Kaikeyi's contribution to the whole cosmic plan. Hers was the greatest sacrifice as she embraced disgrace forever. She took the responsibility of taking all hatred from not only dwapara yuga but also from eras to come. Kaikeyi loved Ram more than her own son Bharata, so it was unbelievable that she would send Ram to the woods for fourteen years. It was all a cosmic plan. As there are several grounds for God's incarnation as Ram and the creation of Ravana, there are several grounds for Kaikeyi's actions.

Kaikeyi, a complex and fascinating character; born to King Ashwapati was a strong willed, brave, intelligent and beautiful woman who rode chariots and fought wars. When as a child she was playing with her seven brothers in a big field, Kaikeyi who was armed with a knife protected her brothers from a sort of wild cat by killing it which appeared in the field all of a sudden. She saved life of King Dashrath in a battle. And an overwhelmed King Dashrath bestowed her with 2 boons.

There are several reasons for Kaikeyi's actions. As King Ashwapati was able to understand the language of the birds, he came to know that in near future the asuras would destroy the humans, break up the penance and sacrifices of Brahmins. Knowing that King Dashrath being a father of Ram would never allow him to go to the woods, Ashwapati ordered Manthara (wet nurse of Kaikeyi) to send Ram to the woods. Lord Ram was completely aware of this whole incident.

Another reason was that King Dashrath had promised the throne to Kaikeyi's son.
As a child, Ram told Kaikeyi that since he was the incarnation of Vishnu, he wants to save sages from demons and for this to be accomplished he needs someone to send him to woods for fourteen years.
Ram chose Kaikeyi as she was the boldest of the three queens of King Dashrath.

As a child, Kaikeyi had blackened the face of a sage in meditation and he cursed her that she too would get a similar black reputation.

Kaikeyi's guru Ratna, an astrologer predicted that she would marry the King of Ayodhya. To save the Raghu clan, she would have to ensure that for fourteen years no one sits on the throne for that would lead to misfortune.
When Ram was going to become the King of Ayodhya, many gods went to Lord Vishnu and told him that the reason behind Ram's birth is to kill evil. But he expressed his helplessness. And so they all went by Goddess Saraswati who in the form of Manthara convinced Kaikeyi that Ram should be exiled from the kingdom and sent to forest.

Lord Ram was completely aware of the whole cosmic plan.
Hence while returning back, he first met and touched the feet of Mata Kaikeyi. He knew her sacrifice.
He released her from the cycle of births and deaths.
It is tamoguna which has to be balanced on the globe.