Date :02-Sep-2017

"Hello Mr. Nikunj! So how are you feeling today?" asked Dr.Sarika as she sat down by her patient.
"Better", was the reply. And the word was repeated "Better".
"Have you taken the medicines I prescribed you three days before?" asked the doctor.
"Yes doc...And I am feeling better...a bit unsteady. My sinuses are not troubling me anymore. And most importantly...I slept 5 to 6 hours straight through the past three nights. Not feeling chronically tired anymore."
Dr. Sarika laid her fingers on her patient's right wrist. She felt the bounding pulse, running regularly regular. There was no any unusual disturbance of the system.
Nikunj was a sensible fellow. Dr.Sarika had always found him full of vigour and humour.

"Did you start the morning walk that I suggested?" asked the doctor.
"Oh! No! I can't. Can't you build me up in some way? I am burden to myself and everyone else. Feeling uneasy has fuelled bad eating habits. I have become a glutton. I have started gaining weight. I know doctor that it's all in my head. I know but how do I change my head? I didn't want this. I can't control it. I am trying but I can't..." came the reply from a distressed looking Nikunj.

"Nikunj...fresh air, exercise and change of scene are crucial in your case and you also know this."
"I really dont remember when did I last go out of this premises?" said Nikunj.
"You really need an outing."
"Hmmm I wish..but I know, I cannot."
"I guess, I can help you...come with me to Mysore. I am going to Mysore to attend one conference."
"No no..I dont think I will be able to come."
"Ohh come-on..The travel will be a charming one!"
"I am sorry, I really dont want to trouble you."
Nothing would please me better than to have your company."

And Dr.Sarika reached Mysore with her patient.
Away from the noisy streets amid fruit orchards, horticultural farms and musical fountains they visited the Brindavan garden sprawled over a large area...the doctor holding her patient all the while in pleasant talk.
How different was this...from the listless, companionless travel.
Dr.Sarika could see the light rippling in her patient's dark eyes.
He was feeling exhilarated.
And then Nikunj said, "Doctors only take care of the strictly medical things. But you take care of more than the strictly medical things." Dr.Sarika was flattered.
It was an amazing trip for both Nikunj & Sarika.

"Hello" replied Dr. Sarika to a phone call.
And the person on line asked "So what's the next destination of your conference Dr.Sarika? This is Mr.Nikunj speaking."

Nikunj was a 7years old kid from the orphanage Dr. Sarika used to visit weekly as the CSR activity of her hospital.
The kid was very fond of being called as Mr.Nikunj
Unknowingly, Sarika was emotionally attached to Nikunj and now, she was thinking to bring him home forever with her by legally adopting the child.
After long years of travelling alone, both Sarika and Nikunj got their destination.