Myths Behind Her Moods
   Date :26-Sep-2017

Last week, Nia went to her aunt’s house and as she was about to enter the puja room, her aunt came running and whispered in her ear “You don’t have it do you ?”.
She replied in the negative. Aunt then smiled and proudly told her that she does not allow even the maid into her house when her maid is menstruating and she does all the cooking and puja.
Nia was disgusted by this piece of information.

Was it just a myth or did it have any scientific basis ?
Why does the very process that gives life makes the woman having it impure ?

#A woman is not allowed in religious places of worship and also others should keep away.

According to the Hindu scriptures and ancient science of Ayurveda Mensuration is related to doshas.
And as per Ayurveda, the doshas are biological energies found throughout the human body and mind. They govern all physical and mental processes and provide every living being with an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment.

The doshas derive from the Five Elements and their related properties.
It is the monthly cleaning of excessive doshas that accounts for a woman’s long life and health.

It in no way makes the woman impure. It is during this time, a woman releases energy. This energy is believed to be very powerful and pure. A woman is given the status of a goddess. Because she is so pure , we don’t let everyone touch her. What we don’t touch is taboo .

The woman is not allowed into temples because the priests feared that the energy of the spritual temple Goddess from the idol will enter the woman as the she is purer and it will render the idol lifeless.

It is not because of impurity. So next time do not tell a woman she is impure, tell her the true reason and let her decide for herself.

God is every where inside and out side the temple. And the girl is not impure because whatever was inside the body came out during these days. In what way one is not considered impure when it is inside the body and considered impure if it comes out?

#A woman should not eat with others during her cycle.

According to Buddhism and Hinduism, while eating people expel negative energy all around. In the normal course of things, we would not feel it. But if a menstruating woman who is sensitive to absorb all types of energies around her is in the middle of a group that is eating, she can get affected by the lower energies and so she was asked to avoid eating with others. There is no basis of the woman spoiling the food or dirtying the surroundings.

#Avoid sex during periods.

Sex during menstruation was believed to affect a woman’s natural energy flow, and was thus prohibited for her own good. According to medical science, she can do what she feels like as long as she is comfortable.
Geting into a physical relation during the cycle or else is and always should be with her concern.

"Menstruation is the only blood that is not born from violence, yet its the one that disgusts you the most."
- Maia Schwartz

These are some myths that most Indian women follow blindly.
A small request if you’ve read till here is that spread the message.
No one is impure .
If you are a Woman, be proud of yourself, you are blessed.
If you are a Man, understand that she doesnot needs your help or support, she needs you to understand.

We need to understand that the previous generation would not accept or initiate change or modulation in their custom so easily as they've been raised that way. It is us who have to bear the torchlight.