She + Heroes + Hangout = Sheroes Hangout
   Date :05-Sep-2017

A first of its kind — an initiative by Stop Acid Attacks Campaign and Channv Foundation — it’s run by five acid attack fighters. The seed was awareness. It’s a fight against stigma, against discrimination, a battle for normalcy after suffering, and for equal opportunities.

Launched on 10 December 2014, Sheroes Hangout is a heart-warming café run by five acid attack survivors. Coming out with courage, this is a first of its kind initiative in a country where beyond suppression, there’s fierce trauma and a scarred life.
A Cafe Managed by brave Acid Attack Survivors, the cafe serves you food with a flavor of love and warmth.

Close to the Taj Mahal, in Agra, India, in a small cafe tucked between trinket shops, five women–all maimed in acid attacks–are waiting tables downstairs or cooking curries in the kitchen upstairs.
The five women employed in the cafe share similar nightmarish histories but all say they want to inspire others who live through similar situations.

The cafe aims to foster confidence in women who have survived the devastating attacks. It serves food, but also sells crafts and artwork by its employees, and has a library and gathering space for performances.

On the menu is a list of treats that Agra binges on, with nothing fancy but exceptionally yummy. From pakoda platters to pasta, it’s presented to you in a very casual manner, something reminiscent of your childhood years. They may not be Whoppers, but the burgers are a must-try.

Done up in interesting graffiti art with laid back cane furniture, the café has corners that tell a story. On the walls you will spot pictures of the fashion photo shoot done by photographer Rahul Saharan which went viral on social media.
If you are in Agra, do visit the Sheroes Hangout Café. A “pay as you wish” policy, means you can leave whatever you wish, in the knowledge that the money the café makes will eventually go into medical and legal aid of the survivors.