If You Are Not Happy Now, You Will Never Be Happy
   Date :01-Jan-2018
Intention behind achieving every goal in our personal or professional life is to become HAPPY.
If we look back and retrospect our life. We spent most of the time in frustration and looking for better tomorrow.

For example when I was in school, want to go to college, thought “I will get rid of study and will enjoy the college life”.
In college, got frustrated due to lot of assignments and exams.
When got a job, started climbing corporate ladders like junior programmer, programmer etc.
When I look back and see those school days. I feel that my school days were better than current situation.
Many time we use to say “My childhood was superb !!! koi lauta de mere bite huye din.”
To extend this I was thinking, will live life happily after my retirement. If you see old people around you, are they happy? Are they enjoying their lives?
Most of old people are suffering from health issues.
Another classic example is "Marriage". People think, if they would have married any other person, they would be happier.
Some bold people try that option also.
But do they actually solving the problem?
We need to understand the behavior of mind. Mind has tendency to dwell in future or past. Another trait is to find reason to be unhappy.
So happiness or frustration is state of mind.
If someone habitual for frustration, he will find sorrow in every situation in his life.
We think problem is in outside world like job/family members/spouse etc. and apply solutions to fix them.
If we have a habit of anxiety or frustration, changing outer situation will not help us. Problem will come again in different form.
We need to fix the behavior of mind. For that first we need to get rid of thought that "We will be happy in future after achieving some milestone".
Then we can start focusing in Present.
Person or situation alone can't make us happy or unhappy. It’s our interpretation about situation make us happy or unhappy.
In every situation we have options to choose happiness or unhappiness.
If we cultivate our mind for opting positive aspect in every situation, we will be happy all the time.
While achieving any goal in life, retrospect: Am I looking for happiness in past or future?
If you are in prison of such situation, Aware and get rid of it.
To summaries, if you are not happy in Present situation, you will never be happy.
Always remember we are on vacation on this planet earth.