Date :01-Jan-2018
Mr.Gaurang's wife had Alzheimer. Both were in their late eighties.
Mr.Gaurang too had problems remembering things but not that severe.
At times, he used to write down things to help him remember.
One evening, while watching TV, he got up and asked her whether she wants anything as he was going to the kitchen.
She asked for a choco chips ice-cream.
Mr.Gaurang said, 'Sure.' He was confident that he would not forget and so didn't pen it down.
He went into the kitchen and after about ten minutes he returned and handed her a box of cookies.
She stared at the box for a moment. Then she asked, 'Where's my toast?'
As Mr.Gaurang sat to watch TV, he saw a character eating ice-cream and at the same moment he recalled that his wife had asked for an ice-cream and not cookies.
Next day morning I visited Mr.Gaurang.
He narrated the previous day incident to me.
A reminder message popped up on his cellphone.
It was to have breakfast with his wife.
Mr.Gaurang asked me to join them. I got emotional looking at the faithfulness of Mr.Gaurang.
She no longer knew who he was.
Mr.Gaurang read my face and said, 'She doesn't know me but I still know who she is.'
I held back my tears, got goosebumps everywhere.