Spine Care & Posture Program
   Date :11-Jan-2018
Recently I attended “Spine Care & Posture Program" conducted by professional practitioners/doctors, organized by Art of Living (AOL) team.
I was waiting for this program for long time, was so curious to do this program due to course contents.

The program duration was 4 days (3 hours per day in morning or evening) and charges were very nominal.
They covered some exercises, yogasana, correct body posture, tips on acupressure and meditations.
Trainer and coordinators were really very helpful and paying attention to individuals. Overall it was great experience.
This course is design in such way that, first they help us to strengthen our spinal cord using some posture, yogasana and exercises.
Then they create awareness about our own body posture like sitting, standing, walking, sleeping or weight lifting.
Finally they suggest correct body posture for above activities.
Also provided some tips on how to do acupressure to release pain from various part of our body.
Conducted meditations followed by an exercise which relaxes our body and mind.
Trainer gave daily simple but very effective exercises which will keep our spine healthy.
When I started doing exercises suggested by them, I realized that there is some stiffness in some part of my body.
After practicing these simple exercises, stiffness released and I was felling lot of energy.
Many people those were actually suffering from pain, got significant improvement in these 4 days. At the end of program they shared their experiences as well.
We all know our health totally depends on spinal cord. If there is any issue in spinal cord, it will effect on our health.
It also has importance in spiritual world. All main Nadis and Chakras are linked with spine. Healthy spine is important for spiritual growth.
In IT industry, many people are facing severe back/neck pain or slip disc due to long sitting hour or just due to wrong posture. This is very helpful program for them.
The program is a good investment of time and money. It will definitely reduce our future medical expenses.
If you want to keep yourself young, keep your spine and body flexible.
Information which we get in this program is very useful, we should include in our school curriculum.
I am really thankful to the whole organizing team and AOL for this great initiative.