The Kids !
   Date :29-Jan-2018
Aunt Nirmala is going to Ahmedabad with her husband to attend a ceremony and so she is dropping in her three kids Aditi, Rewati and Bakul at her sister Pramila's home. The three kids are excited. No worries about going to school as they are having summer vacation. And here, Pramila’s children Nikki, Vicky and Sugandha are eagerly awaiting for their cousins' arrival. Their eyes are sparkling with excitement and immeasurable joy.
The wait is over. They are finally dropped in at their aunt Pramila's place. All the six kids troop into the drawing room. Nikki goes hurriedly inside her study room and brings her drawing book to show all the animated pictures she has drawn. The greatest excitement is lying on her face. No matter what else is going on, these kids are making the best of it and creating their own fun. There is this constant feeling of joy.
Aunt Pramila is busy preparing different dishes for them. The kids are playing different kinds of games. If anyone cheats, he/she is turned out at once. They are playing with zest. Everything is going on merrily. Not even a single minute is passing in silence. They are playing, fighting, and teasing each other by names. But still there's no end to the game.
Another game has begun. Sugandha has played a jazz. In between the kids are trying to dance on it.Bakul, the youngest of all is asleep. Rewati too settles in. Aditi and Nikki are sleeping with their heads to each other's feet. Vicky has also managed to move into a comfortable position. Sugandha puts off the music and goes to sleep.
Day 2: The extremely smart kids are done with their daily assignment in the morning itself which they have got on the last day of their school. And today Nikki's friends Dillu and Anshita have joined them.
It's amazing! These kids are unaware. Unaware about that they are developing one of the most important life skills. They are getting along with each other, they are playing, fighting, teasing but still they are together, learning how to sort out conflicts within themselves!