Vacation !!
   Date :29-Jan-2018

Raghav had promised Meira for a vacation long time back but somehow due to the office work load he was unable to manage and sometimes due to Meira's school. But the bottom line is that little Meira was not at all happy with her daddy and Raghav was very well able to see that. Finally he applied for leave quite in advance and planned for an outing with his baby girl.
The leave was approved and the destination was finalised. Raghav was happy and Meira was exited for the vacation.
"You will not reschedule it now?", asked Meira as it had happened in past.
"No kid...not at all", Raghav replied.
"No cancellation...No excuses??” Meira was still not sure.
"Yes baby, its final that we care going" Raghav assured her.
Things were easy now as Meira was happy and that’s most important for her father. She was actually jumping with joy and telling her friends and classmates that she is going on a vacation.
Finally the vacation was close by next week and Raghav was finishing up all his assignments so that nothing would come in between this time.
On Friday night, he returned back home completely tired.
Meira ran to him & he picked her in her arms.
This is the happy moment for both of them, followed by the question answer round about the day long activities and then dinner together.
" haven’t forgot our vacation...right?" Meira enquired once again.
"No baby, not at all. Papa remembers all and taking care that nothing will interrupt us this time."
"Yeeee!!" the little girl was more than happy just with the thought.
Suddenly Raghav recalled that the bookings are not yet done!
He immediately logged into his laptop to book the tickets & accommodations.
To add to his panic, he noticed that the bookings are not available as per his plan.
Little Meira was noticing this and hence Raghav was trying not to look panic but he was failing in that.
"All well Da..?" finally Meira asked.
"Yeah...Not actually kid"
"Actually I am looking for the bookings. Accommodations are done but the flight timings are not suitable baby" Raghav replied.
"Is is necessary to go by-air papa? Why don’t we ever go by train?" curious Meira's questions were not ending.
"No way, no train...We'll go by flight only."
"But train journey will be fun Daddy!"
"No they are not... Crowd, dirt, noise, unhygienic... That’s not at all comfortable for you my princess."
"But all my friends go by train, nothing wrong happens to them."
Meira was looking at Raghav with all hopes as she did not want this vacation to get cancelled. Even Raghav was not in any mood to drop this plan. But he was concerned about his daughter as he had never travelled by train with her.
It was a connecting holiday with a long weekend, hence all the flights were booked and even the train tickets were getting reserved very fast.
It seemed that the train was the only option left; hence Raghav proceeded with the train reservation.
"Yes my dear kid, the travel reservations and accommodations are done! We are going on vacation!!"
Meira ws very excited with the thought of travelling and Raghav was much tensed with the thought of train. 
(To be continued...This was the First Part of the story of Raghav and his daughter Meira's vacation. Click here to read the next part of the story.)