What You See First
   Date :06-Jan-2018
It’s a well-known fact that human beings can only see a small percentage of all light, which means that we can only see a small percentage of everything that’s present in the world. However, it’s also known that the human mind often captures whatever info it can in order to make “educated guesses” as to what reality is at any particular moment. What’s more, tools like ink-blot paintings can actually reveal significant insights about an individual’s personal characteristics and history. For example, look at the image below: what’s the first thing that you think you see? Check out the info and insights below to find out what can be gleaned from your answer.

A Tree: This is a common answer
The tree makes up the core of the image, so if you see a tree right away then it’s a strong sign that you tend to look for sensical meaning in life. This is a sensible perspective to have and keep, and it reveals that you normally think with your mind as opposed to your heart. It’s likely that you’ll have a successful career, but you may also experience difficulties fully expressing or accepting your emotions at times. This has the potential to stymy your ambition, so make sure you’re setting goals that you truly desire to achieve instead of goals that you think will be easy to achieve. Consider taking a few more worthwhile risks than you normally would, while knowing full-well that nothing in life is certain; keep in mind that oftentimes immediate failure can teach you just as much or more than immediate success can. Adapting to life more frequently will open-up numerous opportunities in life, and your leadership skills will improve substantially.
A Gorilla: This is a revealing answer
Self-esteem is probably an issue. Seeing a gorilla suggests that you often put yourself down and rarely acknowledge improvement and success. This could easily be a result of setting unrealistic goals and not taking enough time to rest and recharge your body, mind, and soul. It’s likely that you’re a naturally creative person, but that your excessive negativity is preventing you from adapting your goals and approaches as needed. Yet, you probably have obtained the knowledge which is required to obtain happiness, peacefulness, and success—it could just be a matter of focusing and taking more assertive action. It’s important to realize that there are always numerous correct and incorrect—or positive and negative—solutions to problems and tasks in life; devote extra time and energy to formulating the most positive and correct solution in order to grow and prosper.
A Lion: This is a fascinating answer
It indicates that you may be a wild child. Living by way of impulse and instinct can be fun at times, but it can also result in much sadness or pain for anyone you interact with (including yourself). You’ll probably never listen to all the good advice you hear, but it would probably be well worth it to figure out how to at least listen to the best advice. It’s important to remember that all human beings are flawed to varying degrees, and also that at least some aspect of virtually all advice is useful. You likely don’t have any problems being unique and experiencing enjoyment, but if you sense that things aren’t going well then it’s probably a good time to take a more passive or traditional approach. Moderation is always vital, and extreme personalities or decisions are almost always imprudent.

A Fish: This is a rare answer
Since the fish is hiding in plain sight (so to speak), it’s probable that you have a hidden personality (or hidden aspects of your personality). Ironically, you tend to blend into society fairly well, but this is likely because you’re consciously holding some of your passion back. Connect with a loving partner, friend, or family member in order to realize more about who you really are, and connect with nature to find out more about who you want to become in the future. If you can manage to be a little more open and tangible, it will benefit you and everyone who you interact with.