Stop The Abuse Of Alcohol
   Date :06-Jan-2018
While Alcohol is the most widely promoted, produced, and legal of all mind altering substances, Most people don’t even stop to consider the effects and consequences alcohol consumption has, physical or spiritual.
Alcohol is the most widely promoted and produced mind altering substance there is, and it is legal too. On the downside though, most people don’t stop to think over the physical and spiritual impacts of its consumption.

It is a well known fact that the consumption of alcohol causes depression of the central nervous system and also kills the cells of the brain. In addition, it is also toxic to the liver, causes the immune system to become weak and has many other harmful effects on overall health. Long term alcohol consumption has also been linked to weight gain, liver disease, reduced intelligence and negative fluctuations in the hormones. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy has also been linked to mental retardation, birth defects and deformities in the developing fetus.
Despite all these negative impacts, alcohol still remains widely consumed and is possibly responsible for a good number of health conditions that people face today.
The question remains, why is alcohol legal throughout the world when psychedelics are illegal. In contrast, the safe use of psychedelics is known to help with mind expansion and to help heal spiritual and physical ailments and in some cases also help increase intelligence by rewiring the brain in the positive way.
The controlled use of psychedelics has also inspired many people to create great works of art, and follow their soul’s purpose and create something new.
The fact that a seriously harmful substance is widely approved for consumption, and a substance that has amazing benefits is banned raises a few questions. Is there truly a higher agenda to keep the human potential suppressed and in the dark? Are the things that we use and consume today keeping us from being the spiritual beings that we can, and hampering us from accessing our innate potential?
The humanity in general, wants to heal, awaken and transform ourselves, but there are dirty tricks being played on us to keep us oppressed, disempowered and asleep. Families and lives have been lost because of alcohol and alcoholism. All of this is right in front of our eyes, and yet, we fail to acknowledge it and become smarter or better people.
Alcohol isn’t just a problem today- the words it has been derived from literally mean a spirit or genie that takes different shapes and has supernatural properties. It also means a drug or a substance that takes the mind away, or covers it.
According to the fixed star in astronomy, the word alcohol is also known as the Demon’s head. All this is no coincidence. There’s a deep history beneath all of this, and sometimes, all these layers of information are hidden deep throughout different cultures, waiting beneath the surface for us to find them.
Just take a look at the effects of alcohol in your own life and society at large. Are there any positive impacts?
It is time to change things. We have to stop this rampant abuse of alcohol and start to engage ourselves in more health enhancing practises and activities to lead healthy, empowered and awakened lives.