The Chase

    Date : 21-Dec-2018   
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Rohan was walking down the street after his college. It was the regular day & he was in his own thoughts. Suddenly, Rohan heard some noise... he turned back & saw the mob of people shouting & running in one direction.
It didn't take time for Rohan to understand that the people are chasing a thief.
Rohan was comparatively close to the person whom everyone chasing. He immediately started running towards him and very soon the thief was in his grip.
Rohan was having a winning smile on his face. The man was thin but yet was trying to escape. Being an athlete, it was very simple for Rohan to hold that person but suddenly he saw the few stale chapatis rolled in his hand and got to know that the so-called thief was stealing food...
Rohan's grip got loose he was unable to make eye contact with the thief. Not just because Rohan was feeling guilty but because there were tears in the eyes of that man. Without saying a single word, his eyes were pleading for mercy. Rohan left his hand and the gesture was enough for the man to understand that he can run away.
All this happened in few moments and by that time the mob of people reached the place where Rohan was holding that man. People started shouting and complaining why Rohan let him go.
But Rohan was in his own upheaval. He was not sure whether what he did was right or wrong.
But somewhere deep in the heart, he was feeling contented.