Why people are good or bad to us

    Date : 03-Dec-2018   
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When someone comes in our life, we start judging them based on their appearance, own gut feeling, others opinions or past experiences. Over the period of time, we build some image in our mind and label that person is good or bad. The more important factor in labeling process is "Gut Feeling". Scientifically, we can say its “Vibrational Energy”.

Every individual emits some kind of vibrational energy. We influenced by that energy and feel positive or negative about each other.
Suppose if you labeled any colleague, manager or family member as a "bad" person. Now whenever you meet that person, you will emit energy that "he is not going to help me". And the person will get influenced by that energy and behave accordingly. Your image of the bad person will become more stronger.
If you observe closely, a person is not good or bad. It’s our own perception about that person makes him good or bad for us.
The same person may be good for his son. Because his son emitting loving energy for his father.
How we can change our vibrational energy to make things favorable?
If you really want help from that person. Start emitting positive energy for him.
Start thinking emotionally and believe that, "he is helping me in my work or any other situation". After some days, you will definitely get some positive response from the same person.
Similarly, if you are not getting positive responses from people around you. Don't feel that they are bad, just raise your vibrational energy for them.
We receive what energy we emit for others. If you start feeling very emotionally that “your spouse is loving and caring”, you will start receiving the same.