The Journey
   Date :10-Feb-2018
Story Till Now:
Raghav is planning a vacation as promised to his daughter Meira but unfortunately didnot got flight and unwantedly compromised with reservations in train. Raghav was much tensed with the thought of travelling by train.
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Finally the day came!
Raghav and Meira were all set for the vacation!
They were going to Jaipur.
Packing was done, Raghav had kept all the necessary things for Meira as he did not wanted any trouble for his princess. Snacks for the journey, first-aid, medicines...In-case Meira got bored books, ipad and board-games were kept as backup of entertainment. All these preparation for just an four and half hour journey from Delhi. This was nothing but the love and concern of a father for his daughter that can’t be explained in words.
Meira was exited with joy and eagerly waiting for the time when Raghav will come from office & they will leave for the railway station.
Raghav took a half day leave and reached home earlier and he was very happy to see his little bundle of joy roaming all over the home with excitement. Dinner was done on time and both were ready to leave for the railway station.
On the way to railway station, Raghav was giving all the guidelines and the do's and don’ts during the travel but Meira was not interested to listen any of it as she was eager to board the train.
Driver dropped them at the station and both started to walk towards the platform. Meira was looking all over and noticing the things at the station. Train arrived few minutes late and this gave her additional time to observe the railway platform. They boarded the train comfortably and got seated on their side berths. The compartment was almost full with passengers. Meira was observing them all while Raghav was adjusting the luggage.
Some of the co passengers were sounding chaotic. Raghav kept his cool with the thought that the journey is not long & there were only two stoppages from New Delhi to Jaipur.
Raghav tried to make Meira sleep but she was all charged with no sleep in her eyes. She was continuously talking with him even when she climbed on the upper birth which was just fun for her. Soon Meira came down in Raghav's lap as it was too cold on the upper berth. She was feeling warm in his cosy arms. She started telling him about her plans for the vacation.
"Daddy, I had googled all the places we can visit in and nearby Jaipur. We will have fun visiting them all. And you do not forget, Amer Fort is on the top list."
"Yes beta, I remember the promise, we will leave for the fort tomorrow early morning."
"And then we will also go to Jaigarh, Nahargarh, Hawa Mahal & Jal Mahal...right papa?
"Right princes"
The train was running to its destination in full speed...after a while, Meira slept in Raghav's arms.
Around 12:30 in midnight the train reached Jaipur railway station.
The hotel staffs were already there to receive them and soon they were on the way to the hotel. Meira was still in deep sleep.
After completing the check-in formalities, Raghav entered a very beautiful room allotted to them.
Trying not to wake her up, very slowly Raghav put Meira on bed.
Raghav was lying by her side with his hand on her forehead.
He was feeling relaxed. The next day was going to be great fun as he will be completing his promise made to his daughter.
(To be continued...This was the Second Part of the story of Raghav and his daughter Meira's vacation. The sequel of this story will be published soon.)