The World Beyond
   Date :02-Feb-2018
Human beings in the 21st century are running. Yes!! Everyone we see is running after something; be it a goal, a desire, an ambition, a mission, an obsession or a craze. No one knows how to walk and stop by. Everyone has become a machine and is surrounded by machine. The same routine every day; getting up at the same time, reaching the office and doing the tasks and completing the deadlines, stressed about work even on vacation, the same frustration every day, no time for happiness, no reason for happiness. Even though we have everything; “everything” sounds a little word to us!! The reason is we are not satisfied with “everything”; we have the greed of “more”, a run for “more”.
I would like to share a very short and impacting story:
Just the line stating that “a human died and a machine was born” makes us realize that it’s not about the money; it’s about the humanity and how we live. It simply says that a well-earning job killed the human and made him the machine. Humans do not work like machines; rather they have become machines.
When and how the place of humanity in humans was taken by a robot or a machine is still a mystery. Technological advancement was supposed to be beneficial to humans and never intended to kill humanity within us. Why there are still questions raised about technological advancement as a boon or a ban? Why it is still not clear to the race of humans that we created technology; we should control the technology. However, the reverse is true.
The impact of technology on human race has reached beyond cruelty. Sharing happiness has become a “post” on Facebook, an appreciation has become a “like”, even people are judging themselves on the number of “likes” they get, emotions have become “status”, good thoughts are only the posts on the “wall” of Facebook, information is spreading at rapid pace through social media and not through newspapers and discussions, kids playing video games and not on the playground, and the list is uncountable. There is not a “generation gap” between us and our parents but rather there is “technological gap”. Our parents “lived to love life” while we “live to survive”. Isn’t it sad that we are creating robots while we ourselves are robots?
Sometimes, it’s necessary for humans to make them realize that there exists a world beyond the technology. There is a world called “playground” for kids to get out of television or tabs and actually play football; there is world called “nature” for humans to actually see it live rather than in pictures; there is the world full of love apart from a world of jealousy and hatred; there is the world beyond our busy lives. There is happiness in getting wet in the rains apart from winning in the game. There is satisfaction in helping even the unknowns apart from the satisfaction of completing the job deadline. We get love from kids and parents apart from the love from cell phones, laptops, and the internet. There is aliveness when we stop by and look at a beautiful flower while walking on the street. There is calmness when you sit under the moon light and talk for hours with your close ones. There is fun when you sing songs in a group of friends and laugh for no reason apart from having a group chat on WhatsApp. There is so much to “live” rather than to “survive”.
The future generation is growing with technology and not with humanity; which is a dangerous and alarming thing today. It is the need of the hour to make ourselves and the coming generation believe that humanity and love still exist and we all practice it. Let’s take us away to a different world where we are free from the strings of technology and more attached to living. There exists such world for every one of us that makes us complete. Letting ourselves away from materialistic living can make our lives much easier and happier.
Let’s take a moral from another short story: