The Fun Begins
   Date :28-Feb-2018
Story Till Now:
Raghav didnot got flight bookings for vacation and unwantedly compromised with reservations in train. After a much tensed travel by train, Raghav and Meira reached Jaipur.
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The hotel was wonderful with good service, spacious rooms, modern facilities, on call room service, and neat and clean ambience. Above that, the hotel was not at all crowded so Raghav and Meira had thoroughly enjoyed stay there.
Next morning Raghav decided to visit nearby places and palaces and got a tour guide from the hotel itself.
After breakfast at the hotel the tour guide first of all took them to Amber Fort and showed the entire fort with detailed explanation.
Meira's curiosity was stopping the guide from explaining the details as she had too many questions about the place. 
After spending some time at the fort, Meira claimed that she is hungry so Guide suggested them to have lunch so that they can move forward.
Jaipur, the pink city of beautiful state Rajasthan is a sign of magnificence and vividness.
On the way back, they visited Jaigarh and Nahargarh forts.
By the time they finished the visit to Nahargarh, they were so tired to visit any other place. Therefore checked Hawa Mahal as it is right on the main road and went back to hotel at about 8 PM.
"Papa, how come this guide uncle knows everything about the place? His History teacher must be very happy to see him with so much information!" She said.
"Yes kiddo." Raghav couldn’t control his spontaneous smile on her innocence.
Raghav was thoroughly enjoying her how’s and why’s during the visits.
Soon after the dinner, Meira fall asleep with the plans for next day.
Next day's plan was Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal & local market places.
Meira had enjoyed the visit to the forts & palaces.
She kept on asking her queries and above that she kept on enjoying each & every moment of the vacation with her father.
Raghav took care about the place where they are having food & water.
So many places to visit, so many variety of food items to enjoy!
Meira kept on capturing every location in her camera. Also, she didn’t miss any single chance to have Raghav's clicks and their selfies together.
Every day new places, new culture with lots of fun
Both father and daughter were having a quality time together.
The four days vacation was over very soon and they were all set to go back with so many happy memories.
Again it was a train travel back to New Delhi, but this time Raghav was not much worried about it.
(To be continued...This was the third Part of the story of Raghav and his daughter Meira's vacation. The last part of this story will be published soon.)