Love Redefined
   Date :03-Feb-2018

Walking past the street, I saw a couple in their mid-twenties, holding their hands together and laughing. I stopped by to see how happy they were. Suddenly, after a while, I saw another guy approaching towards that couple. He took the girl’s hand and they both left leaving the other guy without even saying goodbye. He looked sad as the girl left. It appeared to me as he was in love with girl but she was already hooked up with another guy. After watching the scene, I moved on my way. The scene ended on the street but however, I kept thinking about that guy who was in love. He seemed hurt and I was left amused about the kinds of love that exists.
It’s so hard to watch your love walk away with someone else. Love does not have to be hard, I feel. Love is beautiful and we should embrace its beauty. Love has many aspects, love has many ways, love has many expressions, love has different endings, and love has different names. I see Love in many ways that you come across daily. There’s Love in every little thing; even though it’s not expressed. There’s love when you smile at your partner while he’s engrossed in his work so passionately; there’s love when you are searching for your partner amidst the crowd and that he is already looking at you and smiling; there’s love when your partner dresses up for you; there’s love in every little detail of your partner. Love is a feeling to be felt, like happiness, where you are always smiling. Remember that beautiful smell you get when there are first rains on a dried land after scorching heat? It must be so soothing for land after the first drop hits it. This is how Love feels like. Your heart is scratched, wounded, played with, hurt, killed, broken, cheated and there’s so much other negativity in your heart. This poor heart is healed by Love, cared by Love, Loved by Love. Love is so pure; it can make your heart beat again.
That you want to spend your life with that only one guy whom you love the most, is the most common thing that everyone experiences and even do them practically. What I feel different in love is that both should spend the rest of their lives loving each other. Well not every love story has a fairy tale ending. But that does not mean it doesn’t have a beautiful ending, does it? No. Some love stories are different from fairy tales. There’s a princess and there’s a charming prince, there’s love and there’s a family of just the two together. There’s no “happily ever after” though there is “in love forever”. There is closeness but not “living together” though there is “in heartbeats forever”.
Love brings happiness. Love also hurts. But only Love can heal. Love is a very beautiful feeling, it shouldn’t give you pain; right? Even if you are shattered and have no belief in love, believe me; only love can fix your broken pieces. Just the smile of your love brightens your day. That feeling you get when you see your love walking towards you with a big smile, that feeling you get when u know your love is smiling because of you, that feeling you get when you know he/she is the one for you. These are the feelings that define love.

I have got this whole new definition of love that just includes “LOVE”. No rules, no conditions, no expectations; just LOVE. Being in LOVE is the best thing that can happen to any person. This world needs only love to survive.
I am addressing this to all the youngsters who are in love and relationship, that stop making it so hard to be in love. I don’t know the logic behind the acid attacks, rapes, murders or suicides after heartbreaks. Although the pain is understandable, the steps taken to be over it are not. Cursing, shunning or calling it hard names is not the part of “getting over”. How many times love happens to you? It’s not an everyday process, I know. So when you are in love, why not embrace this feeling? As I said earlier, Love is the only thing this world requires. Let’s all be in love and stop hatred in world. Let’s all make our lives more easy to live through love. We youngsters are the future, so let’s make it more lovable!!