Date :07-Feb-2018

“………Smog in Delhi…”
“………Delhi has become a gas chamber…”
“………Delhi’s smog declared as national emergency…”
“………Delhi chokes to smog……”
Delhi’s smog flashed news everywhere. All media was covering the news all day and all newspapers topping the headlines of the national emergency. Citizens of the country who lived in Delhi feared of the diseases and were worried about their breathing; while the citizens of the country who did not live in Delhi were wondering how the people must be living there and what it must be like literally choking up. I am sure though everyone has not experienced choking but surely can imagine what it feels like. Smog case becomes a national emergency because people cannot breathe. However it is very surprising that women’s security does not become a national emergency. It is strange that people do not realize that just like citizens of Delhi, women in India are choking too.
Women are making progress in every field and competing with men. Women are carving a niche in all higher fields. Women are making India proud worldwide in various fields. Women are becoming more and more independent. Women in India are living free. All of these good stories are just the mask that we show as a woman. Well there is always a darker side to every story on which the light must be put on.
Various surveys show some alarming figures of the varied issues that women face every day. There are still cases of dowry and burning, child marriages, domestic violence, marital rapes, molestation cases and much more. Every seven minutes a crime is committed against women; and we all believe that women in India are liberal?
A woman in India still has to fight for making career choice of her own. There exists a society in India which qualifies their daughters just to get a good and rich husband for her; killing her own ambitions. This chokes the woman who gave up her dreams. The society judges from top to bottom; so women are not even spared from judgment of what they wear. Women in our country do not possess the liberty of what they want to wear. Is it necessary for the society to comment on every little thing? Is it necessary for the society to question only the women-“why are you wearing short clothes?” These questions choke the woman who gave up fashionista in her. While a woman gets judged on clothes, how can she marry someone she loves? Love stories burying up due to casteism, racism, dowry and other such evils is like every day call. This chokes the woman who gave up her love of life. Well, on the other side sexism has taken it all. I would love to read the rule book where they have divided men’s and women’s work. Digital world it is; still dwelling on sexism? Choking women again.
The need of the hour today is letting the women be themselves. Women are way stronger than men. Yes our opinions matter. Yes we can play stronger than you men. Yes we are capable of handling our own issues unlike the men. Yes we are more than a wife, more than a daughter, more than sister, more than a mother, more than human. We are women: made of everything and still choose not to show it off. It doesn’t matter what age your daughter gets married; it doesn’t matter what career she chooses; it doesn’t matter what she wears; it doesn’t matter what job she has. The thing that matters the most is how she is as a human and as a woman, how successful she is, how important her achievements are, how respectable her goals her. I request to everyone not to choke us; it is high time this society should let us breathe. Let us breathe in the air of independence that we as women truly deserve. Remedies for clearing the smog can be executed; but remedies for women independence? Well, the society begins at home. Do not teach your daughter how to dress, teach your son how to see. Do not train your daughter to be a good housewife, train her to be more beautiful human. The color of lipstick does not matter, the color of mind does. Do not curse your daughter for what she is. However, I am not expecting this Indian woman to undergo a transformation right now. It is easier for me to say things but harder to have such implementations very soon. The meaning of “transformation” I am meaning here does not mean that the woman should do whatever she wants vaguely. Living in a society puts everyone is some restrictions which are necessary for general peace and harmony; and therefore needs to be followed. I am just appealing to give the woman a little voice where she can know her existence and where she could be proud to live in a society and not curse it. Under the hundred layers of tradition; there is a dream, a passion, a goal, an ambition that women crave for achieving. It is the right of every woman to fulfill what she is craving for. Restricting her would make her choke and die eventually. No wonder many women die between the ages of 20-25 but are buried when they are 75. Let us live and let us breathe. Women are much more than you think they are.
I really wish this story becomes a reality in at least one house.