Unforgettable Holi
Spice N Sugar   Date :06-Mar-2018
Neha knocked the door of cabin, "Come in...", Doctor said.
Question mark was clearly seen on the doctor’s face. He had just visited patients room, gave her all the instructions and settled in OPD. Just then she came following him, lot of other patients waiting outside for him.
After a pause, Neha asked in low voice, "Sir, we need permission for..."
"For what?” he asked,
"Sir, can you please allow us to take her home for few hours for Holi Puja? We feel that she will be very happy to celebrate this with all of us."
He thought for a moment and nodded his head.
Then gave few clear instructions to her...and started attending other patients.
Neha’s three year old daughter Khushi was admitted to the hospital for last two weeks.
Neha, her husband and everyone in family is going through this tough situation.
Apple of everyone's eye, their little chatterbox suddenly got this dangerous infection. No one was in condition to think anything else other than her speedy recovery and doing whatever was necessary for her treatment.
She remembered the day when she took Khushi to this hospital. Little one was suffering from cough and fever. She thought it would be any general infection, doctor will suggest some regular medicine and her baby girl was feeling sleepy and weak due to fever. She never imagined something serious than this would happen. As soon as she entered in doctor’s cabin...he immediately told her to admit little one in his hospital. Sisters was instructed to start giving oxygen to this patient immediately.
Doctor asked her, "Didn’t you understand that she was having trouble to breath and not breathing at normal rate? Thank God you came on time..."
These words shattered her mind in seconds...she was shocked...her confidence as mother was shaken...
He was one of the senior child specialists running his own hospital for past 20 years. Little one's uncle was also doctor and sent her to him as soon as he sensed that something is not normal about this fever. At a mere glance doctor diagnosed real problem and treatment started in minutes. He was having vast experience in this field.
Neha managed to make few phone calls to family members and her husband who was out of station for work. He was also literally shocked and said that he will reach there as soon as possible.
Little one was suffering from severe pneumococcal infection. Chest x-rays and other tests confirmed it next day.
Hospital routines, managing little one with needles, salines and other medicines was mentally and physically tiring to them.
Watching child’s sufferings is most painful for all parents... any thought of your child's loss is equal to collapsing whole world of yours. It is very difficult to go through such situation. We should try to understand this feeling and respect feelings of every mother and father who witnessed death of their child at any point of their life. In any kind of situations like war, poverty, accidents, serious disease or emotional suffering seeing your child struggling for life is devastating experience for parents. It needs courage to stand strong in these type of situations and help your child to recover fast. Also we should understand many times some major mental disorders or lifelong diseases can take long periods of treatments or continuous medications. Love and care of parents, grandparents and other family members is extremely essential in all these times. Living every moment with patience and calm and consistently pouring efforts to your child's improvement, day by day is endless process.
Little Khushi was responding to medications and her condition improved. But until infection is cured fully it was necessary to continue proper treatment. Fever was still high and weakness of body not allowing baby girl to be normal.
Doctor was keenly observing her day and night. He was a real gem of person and genius doctor. He started applying every method to rebuild this child's health. He talked to her every day. He personally arranged tiffin from his home for little Khushi as she needed to eat more. Imagine a three year old, in normal conditions also these tiny creatures make lot of fuss to eat... This girl was also one of them. The doctor did everything for her so she could feel better and eat. He loved and cared her like his own grandchild.
He was known for his strict rules and regulations. His tall and fit personality adds to his strict image. So while doing all this for his little patient he also behaved like strict teacher to her and made her do things that was necessary.
At Holi day also the doctor gave permission to take her home for few hours only. He knew that a three year child must be bored in hospital room in past 15 days.
A mental relaxation of going home would really make difference and help to improve her.
They took her home for Holi Puja...happiness was really flashing on every ones face...taking her back to that hospital room seemed impossible task then.
Next day was Holi, the celebration of colors. As a mother Neha knew how her sweetie loved to play with colors and draw. In fact she also arranged some drawing and coloring books, crayons and sketch pens in hospital. An idea of decorating her hospital room flashed in her mind. Promising this to Khushi, she took her back to hospital room.
Now again Neha was in doubt that if doctor would allow her to do that.
Next day...on a colorful day of Holi celebration...she bought all the colorful things available in nearby shop...funny cartoon stickers, paper rolls with flashy colors and design, beautiful fresh flowers and some toys.
They all decorated her hospital room with this, hospital staff also joined them...they sticked cartoon stickers on white walls, they rolled paper rolls and attached them stringing from ceiling... they painted a small cardboard with her name and sticked it to door as nameplate.
Everything was looking so colorful and fresh, little one is almost dancing on her feet with whatever energy she had.
Next morning doctor came and surprised to see all this.
All were somewhat scared and prepared to face his angry tone.
"What is this? Who allowed you to do all this? “, he asked.
Staring at all of them, he suddenly busted into smile next moment and wished them happy Holi !!
All of them were really happy and joyfully celebrating Holi day as never before. It was unforgettable Holi celebration with their baby girl.
She painted another beautiful painting for her doctor uncle. She gave it him on the day she got discharged from his hospital.
From that Holi day Khushi and her family learned to fill their days with colors.
Time flied, little Khushi grew up and do not remember her hospital days in details...but she remembers to fill colours in every difficult situation in her life.
Her family now celebrates every occasion with painting beautiful moments and their life is full of colors !!