Why Do We Miss Someone
   Date :21-May-2018

She asked me today, "Why do we miss someone?"
A simple theoretical answer as written in books was missing means to be either connected or disconnected. to miss people means to love them, to be partial to them, incomplete without them, and therefore missing the other part of what makes you whole.
But this doesn't solve the query of the turbulent feelings.
Every wonder why do we miss someone? As humans, we are programmed to need companionship. It’s not healthy to live in solitude.
You might miss someone because you are scared or insecure.
Or you are in love with their traits and personal qualities. You may not even love the person you’re missing. You just can’t handle being alone. You might envy the person they are and miss the fact you aren’t in their life anymore.
They made you smile and feel good about yourself. Or maybe you just “fit” with someone and had a crazy strong connection.
In a chemical sense, your body is going to release specific hormones and chemicals intrinsically when you are with that special someone and when they are gone, your internal circuitry is changed. We like to be comfortable and we naturally put up a fight against change. In a nutshell, “love” hormones are oxytocin, estrogen and testosterone. Where the neurotransmitters triggered are generally dopamine and serotonin.
Okay – Enough of the technical component of love. What I feel is... 
People always try to cherish the good moments and it surely brings a smile on their face. 
But, sometimes we miss a person with whom we have no moments to remember. You like them, You are in love with that person, you want to be together, you want to be a friend of that person. And all these desires make some reaction in the unconsciousness, and you start thinking good things about that person and you start dreaming and at last, You start missing that specific person. Its' just your consciousness and unconsciousness binding together.
And yes, there may be some psychological facts that the person thinking about you make you miss that person. Because the cosmos wants the desire to be fulfilled in any way. So if you miss someone, talk with them and ask them; do you really think about me? And you will know the answer.