Resolve Your Inner Conflict

    Date : 01-Jun-2018   
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My manager friend Kaushal Thakor asked me "Will you able to join this training?"

I casually responded, "I have a lot of things to do, but will try". 

He paused and smiled mischievously, then questioned: "What does it mean?".
Then he started explaining very lovingly, "Either you will attend the meeting or not". Word "Try" shows untruthfulness.
Many time we don't want to do things, but we can't refrain them upfront and provide excuses.
We need to bring change in such behavior.
And If you genuinely want to do things, you need to overcome on your comfort zone and make the things happen."
Kaushal was talking about conflict behavior. You may think this is a very small thing, but most of our decisions are influenced by this behavior.
When we do things which we don't like, it starts creating conflict in our mind.
Let's understand this behavior in detail. If a person is not happy with his current job and wanted to open own venture or change the company. But due to some reasons, he is unable to do that.
Then he starts feeling suffocation in that environment, gets frustrated and stressed. This can lead to many health issues. If the conflict persists for longer time, it may lead to severe health issues.
In such situation, if you are able to change the things, Do It. Put all your efforts, go beyond the comfort zone and make it happen. You won't regret in future.
Let's take another situation, where you can't change the things. For example, Home Maker those who want to do a job, but due to some reason unable do that. Or those who are doing a job, but want to spend more time with their baby or family.
In such situation, Accept things with devotion, consider this a blessing and start enjoying the things. But do not accept things with the feeling of frustration or in sense of compromise.
Many time we overlook things which we have and craving for things which we don't get. Cherish all things which we have in our life.
Do everything lovingly with pride and dignity, either a job or nourishing your child/ family.
In any situation, do not create conflict in mind. Choose any option which suits you and moves on. It brings synchronization in your body, mind, and soul.
It’s like " मनसा-वाचा-कर्मणा " (Mind-Speech-Action): You are Speaking and Doing what you are Thinking. Whenever you do things with a focused mind, you will get a better result.
Anyway if you see a bigger picture, we are a just tiny bit in the whole universe. In that reference, all these conflicts are very trivial.
Life is very short. Rise above all these conflicts. Do what you Love or start loving what you are doing.
Resolve all your conflict, resentment or issues every day before going to bed.
Life is very precious, so enjoy every bit of it