Process of Anti-Aging

    Date : 10-Sep-2018   
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My wife ordered some clothes online. When delivery boy delivered the cloths, she was very excited. She unwrapped the box and showed to me and said joyfully “This is for baby”.
I said “good”.
Then she turned to her mother and asked. Her mother started praising the cloths very enthusiastically “Wow, it's so colorful, attractive. Good choice” and all that.
That time I realised that, my response was very superficial. Earlier on my such responses my wife use to say, “Your response is very dry. Where is your playfulness?”.
She was right, when we become more logical in our behaviour, we become dry or emotionless. We don't give much importance to these small things. We think it's obvious e.g. not appreciating our mother or wife for food they are preparing.
Even if you crack the joke, so called intellectual person will just smile to acknowledge it. This is main cause of aging.
Emotions are biggest power human being has. But we are using in wrong direction. We feel negative emotions like anger, hater or sorrow with lot of intensity and keep them in our heart for longer period. Recalling those emotions again and again causes harm to our body. This is one of the biggest reason of aging.
On contrarory, we feel positive emotions like happiness, gratefulness or love at very superficial level and forget easily. We occasionally recall those incidences.
We greet people with “Good Morning” or say “Thank you” very formally.
By nature men are logical and women are emotional in behaviour. To control aging, we need to balance both behaviour. Bring logical attitude for negative emotions and emotional attitude for positive emotions. Reverse the emotional responses. Feel all negative emotions at superficial level. Do not allow them to touch your heart.
And feel positive emotions with lot of intensity. Don't wait for miracles to happen, start enjoying every small thing like a child. Recall and cherish again and again every small moment of happiness you shared with people around you. This is anti aging technique, it will keep person youthful and healthy.