Rains After A Long Time !

    Date : 16-Jan-2019   
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And it rained!! After a long time, she got her smile back.
It was a lonely evening for her. She sat in her balcony, watching beautiful sunset. It gave her hope for their meet. She looked at the clock, it was 6 p.m. “Two hours to go”, she waited for his call all day. He rarely called, but it didn’t matter much. She always called first, and never gave him a chance to call. She knew he liked that, too. Suddenly, the sky was dark. It was beautiful cloudy weather. The wind played with her hair, just like he used to. She knew it was going to rain. Quickly, she climbed down, in her garden. She looked up in the sky. A drop of rain fell on her forehead. She felt his kiss. The drops increased gradually. She opened her arms to hug him. Every drop of rain that touched her body was a hug from him, she felt. She was drenched in the rain. He was all over her. He was all over the city.
She didn’t want the rain to stop, neither did she wanted to return home. It was like he returned to the city, and she wanted to feel every bit of it. The rain had stopped and it was time for the call.
“You seem happy today! What’s the occasion?” he was surprised as she answered the call with a big smile.
“You are here”, she replied in a low tone.
“So you enjoyed the rains?” he asked.
But she couldn’t reply, and he understood. They both choked up.
“So, how was your day?” she changed the subject.
Deep down, they both missed each other terribly; but failed to find a way to tell each other.