When You Miss Someone

    Date : 05-Jan-2019   
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He left his smell all over her.
She felt his presence in the middle of the night. At first, she thought it was a beautiful dream; but then she opened her eyes and looked around. Her room was empty, but she could feel him. She smelled her sweater; it was him.
It was not just his smell; it was all the emotions attached. His smell would leave her crazy about him all day. Yes, she missed him. She missed looking at him in the work area, she missed his laugh, she missed long drives and walks with him, she missed how every single time he handled her anger and she missed every little detail of him from head to toe.
She starred at the door, in hopes that he would open the door and hug her tightly. She had imagined a perfect life for them. And tonight, she was admiring all the imperfections they had in their relationship. It was not about having a perfect lover, but about loving an imperfect partner.
She sat on the floor, holding his photo close to her chest. She remembered vividly, the first time she ever drenched in rain with him. It was a beautiful rainy evening, and it got romantic with him. She still felt the chills running down her body. Every moment spent with him was a beautiful memory for her; be it their romantic dates or their horrible fights. She never realized how and when their relationship evolved, for the good.
Cold breeze kissed her neck gently. She veered as if it was his breath on her neck. She looked at the window, they looked empty. She looked out in the sky. It was a full moon. She smiled at her own foolishness of telling him about every time she saw the full moon. She gazed at the stars and looked for him.
It was getting hard for her to not miss him. He was all over her body; her breath, her skin, her heart, and her eyes. It was the first time in her life she realized her love. After all these years, her first love was with her; again. She was deeply lost in him.
The door knocked. She wiped her tears and sprang up to answer the door. She was disappointed. It was a newspaper delivery boy. Suddenly it occurred to her that it was morning again. It was a beautiful night; for he was with her, always.