Dawn After A Beautiful Night

    Date : 06-Jan-2019   
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He could smell her hair when she hugged him tightly. He kissed softly on her forehead as he left.
She tried to stop him, but he didn’t look back. They both knew if he looked back, he would not be able to leave. It was not easy for him either, but he was left with no choice. He got on the bus, with a heavy heart. Through the window, he could see her drive away in her car. His mind began crowding with memories. He closed his eyes and remembered their first meet since they parted away.

It was a warm afternoon in the month of December. She arrived at his office. He stood at the entrance, nervous. He saw her after five years. She was the same as when they parted years back; except for a change in her hair. His heart began racing as she got out of the car and walked towards him. “She still looks beautiful in black…..” he thought to himself. After very formal greetings, he showed her the office. They sat, chatting about what happened in five years. He talked about how he just got out of a serious relationship; while she narrated the story of how she got in one. After a while, they hit the terrace. The sun was at the top of the head. She took out the silk chocolate from her pocket and smiled at him. He apologized first, for not buying anything for her. She held his hand, warmly. Her other hand felt a sudden chill. It was his hand, with the same chocolate. He sure had a way to surprise her, like always. They talked and laughed for another two hours. No one was hungry, no one was thirsty. He wanted to hug her and tell her how much he still loved her; but couldn’t, for she was with someone else now. It was time for her to leave, but she hesitated. He wanted to make time stop and be with her forever. But he knew the reality, so he made up an excuse and let her go. She was about to climb down the stairs when he held her hand and pulled her close. She hugged him tightly and whispered, “I am not happy with him. I still love you.”
He smiled, thinking how he never thought it could change his life, for better. He looked at the passing trees and enjoyed the music. It felt as though for every song, she was the music. He could feel her around him. He felt her laughter, he smiled at her angry nature, he missed how much she criticized for his dressing style, and he admired how beautifully she dressed. It was getting hard for him to stop thinking about her. But he had to stay strong; for now, he was going to be alone. He tried distracting his mind, so he looked out of the window. It was a full moon. He remembered how every time she called up and showed him the full moon. He gradually fell asleep, his head by the window. The cold breeze kissed his cheeks. He woke up, almost in shock, and touched his skin. For a moment, it felt as if she kissed him gently. By this time, he realized that, yes; he was completely lost in her. He wanted to tell her but stopped himself.
The bus stopped at the destination. He couldn’t help but wonder how the night passed and it was dawn already. It was a beautiful night; for she was with him, always.