Are you trying to get blood out of stone

    Date : 30-Oct-2019   
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The study says most of the people leaving organizations, not due to compensation issues or policies. But due to the treatment, they receive from their supervisors (immediate management). Leadership training was organized for emerging leaders, to educate them about the difference between dictating and directing people. This training was about to understand your personality type and the people around you so that you can get the best out of them.
To understand any personality type, first, we need to understand individual preferences. Preferences are subconscious selection.
For example, Extrovert personality type people prefer to go out and do parties. And Introvert people prefer to sit in a calm place and read books.
As a leader, if you assign a task - "marketing of any product" to an Introvert person, they may be doing it for some time. But after some time, they will get frustrated. It’s not because of work, but due to their preference is different.
If a person starts doing things that are not his preferences. It will be conflicting with his inner self. It leads to frustration and performance issues.
To avoid such situations, we need to be very cautious in task allocation.

Another interesting thing to see how conflict occurs, when two different types of personalities work together.
If you are lead and your Personality type is "Organized". These types of people are Process-oriented, very punctual, discipline and work on minute details.
And if you are dealing with an individual who has an "Idea Oriented" personality type. These types of people are not process-oriented. They give the least importance to Clerical Processes and documentation.
Now if you assign any task to an "Idea oriented" person, you will expect detail updates from them.
"Idea oriented" person will give you high-level updates. And that response makes you frustrated.
This happens not because of any issue with that person. But actually, we expect responses as per your own personality type.
You are expecting an “Organized” type person response from the "Idea Oriented" person.
People behave as per their own preferences. Preferences are innate, we can't change them. When we expect different behavior from different personality types, It is the same as we are trying to get blood out of stone.
To get a proper response from other people, we need to understand their personality type and expect accordingly.
This can also help in dealing with your seniors. If you know that your senior’s personality type is "Idea Oriented". You don't need to prepare a detailed plan for approval, just need to present a one-liner innovative idea which blows his mind. These people aren't interested in the execution details.
This also helps in your personal life, suppose your spouse’s personality type is "Organized". When she asks for a holiday, don't give her one-liner that "we will go in December". Give some concrete answers like December - first week - Goa. She will be much happier!