And He Turned Back To See Her

    Date : 31-Oct-2019   
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Kaveri and Danish were together right from childhood. Started as classmates, then sitting partners in the school bus and become petrol partners in the college. This was an unnamed relationship, everyone had seen them together always no matter what the occasion is.
Danish was a little introvert by nature, fairly good in studies. At the same time, Kaveri was different in nature... full of life, travel freak, ambitious and chillout for everything. She never used to keep things in mind and believes in sorting the matter then and there.
Whenever Danish got into any trouble, Kaveri was the Super-Hero to save him. No matter it's ragging at college or maintaining accounts for pocket-money.
From day one they were perfect together. This togetherness became more close when Danish's family moved in the same locality, just two houses away from Kaveri's home.
Whenever Kaveri got upset about anything and do not answer Danish's text or calls, he used to climb through the connected terrace & get into her home to cheer her up. He knew it very well that what makes her smile. Even she knows it every time that he is going to come through the terrace and maybe that's why she manages the terrace room's door accessible for him... as if she wants him to come to her.
Both the families were very friendly and comfortable with these two being together. Kaveri's mother always had a secured feeling about Danish being around for Kaveri and Danish's mother was relaxed because she knew Kaveri is always with him to take his care.
In short, everyone was aware of and had a tacit acceptance for this bond.
It's just Danish & Kaveri who had never admitted it formally or even proposed each other. It was just teasing, caring, worrying, supporting and protecting that was always expressed. But the feeling of love was there for sure and silently they both knew it. Sometimes we put so much emphasis on language, actually, silence is so much more important.
Kaveri had always had one complaint from Danish. Whenever they see-off each other, Danish never turned back.
"Dude, have you ever turned back and seen... I am always standing and waiting to see you once again"
Kaveri always used to wait till Danish gets out of sight.
But Danish never had an answer to this other than blushing & hiding his shy eyes.
After completing post-graduation, Danish got campus selected for a renowned multinational with a very good package. Even Kaveri was doing well in her career. Life was set now.
It was the day when Danish's first salary was credited to his account. He was more than happy. He took an off from his office & went shopping. He got many things for his parents, sister and of course Kaveri! By lunchtime, he went to Kaveri's office & called her.
"Hey... listen na... I have a plan... Let us skip the tiffin-box today & have lunch together! What say?"
"Ya, but it will take time na... You'll have to come here, then we will go somewhere... by the time the break will be over" Kaveri replied.
"Umm ok, in that case, let's have ice cream together" Danish was not in a mood to give up.
"Yaar, I understand but the issue is the same... the time" Kaveri was puzzled.
"Don't worry, I am already here & ice cream parlor is just closeby. You just come downstairs, I am waiting" Danish was exited.
Kaveri came down. He parked his bike and both went to the ice cream parlor & enjoyed their favorite chocolate icecream.
On the way back walking to Kaveri's office, Danish was blushing.
They reached her office and he was still having a smile on his face.
"So now are you going to tell me what's in your mind" Kaveri asked.
Danish held Kaveri's hand and took out the beautiful ring that he had brought for her.
He got on his knees and proposed her... "Will you marry me Kaveri?"
Both were on the top of the world.
While walking back to his bike, Kaveri was watching him.
And this time, he turned back... to see her...
Kaveri was overjoyed! It was the happiest day of her life! Even Danish couldn't get his eyes off, he was looking at her.
But destiny had something else for them.
Danish was unaware of the speeding car while crossing the road and his first turn back became his only turn back...