Do You Know What Is Still Undone?

    Date : 31-Oct-2019   
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Traveling was an important part of Rohan's job. Minimum ten days out of the month he has to be on travel, And he always enjoyed it. But this time he was a bit annoyed due to the fussy weather. At times it was raining and very next moment the bright sun was appearing with all the heat. All the time he was into his own thoughts during the travel.
Rohan is the head of the CSR department of his company. Always active and charged, he gave his 100% on every project assigned to him.
From the last three years, Rohan was proudly receiving the best employee award for his hard work and dedication towards his duties. His prime task was defining and developing the strategies which underpin his company’s CSR objectives. He use to conduct research, come up with ideas, develop policies, create detailed plans, build relationships with partner organizations, and then implement and coordinate a range of activities and initiatives which are designed to have a positive impact on the environment and local communities.
Rohan was nicely raising awareness of his company’s commitment to CSR and generating publicity around his organization’s altruistic endeavors. And for this, he was always appreciated by his peers and seniors. Rohan knows and understands every aspect of society and perfectly allocate the resources for the needy people.
Always ready to help everyone was something Rohan was all about. He had delivered seminars and sessions for the awareness of the need for everybody's contribution to society, but yet he always felt something is still undone. Instead of so many awards and appreciations, somewhere he was not able to have that contented feeling.
After a long journey of eight hours and passing through all these thoughts, Rohan finally reached his destination for the day, Bhopal. He got down from the train and walked towards the exit of the railway station. On his way out, he was trying to book a cab for his further commute, but to add to the hot sunny day there were no cabs available. After waiting for a few minutes, as there was no option, he decided to take a cycle rickshaw to go to the hotel.
The sun was shining bright, Rohan was somehow managing the hot weather. He noticed the rickshaw wallah completely drenched in sweat and yet pulling the rickshaw with all his strength.
Rohan asked him " bhaiyaa, aapko dhoop nahi lagti kya?" (don't you feel the heat in sun?)
"Sahab, dhoop se jyada bhookh mehsus hoti hai." (more than heat, I feel hunger) The rickshaw wallah replied.
The rickshaw wallah's one line answer made Rohan understand what is still undone.