Before they go away

    Date : 19-Apr-2019   
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In India, nowadays the nuclear family concept is growing. Majority of girls and married women don't want to live with their in-laws under one roof.

Actually, we need to understand, when we married to a person. That means we connected with that person along with their family members. Family members are not optional, they are the part of the person whom you married. We are karmically connected, that’s why we came together. Otherwise in millions of people, how you get that single person for the marriage. It's not by accident, but due to karmic connections.
When parents get older, they become kind of sensitive, egoistic and to some extent childish. We can't control or direct their actions. But at least we can control our action. We should not counterattack on them. Instead, we should give a loving response.
If you see, old parents are left with a few years to complete their journey here. So, try to make their journey pleasant and peaceful. It's our responsibility to make their journey joyful.
If they go away with anger/hater, we have to face the consequences. As nature's law, you will receive what you give.
When they go away, with whom you will share your success stories, achievements, joy, sorrow or frustration.
We have so many years of bonding with our parents. When they go away, you will remember them at every festival or special events. And feel sad about your own actions for them.
Remember all their efforts, love and care, they put for our upbringing. Before they go away, Laugh with them, Care and Love them. Cherish every moment with them. Instead of just supporting financially, spend some good time with them. So that they feel content and happy about their lives.
Before they go away, my request to everyone is Rise above your own Conflicts and Feel Unconditional Love in every situation for your parents and in-laws. You will never regret in your life that you haven’t done enough for them.
It will definitely bring a lot of Fortune and Happiness to you and your family.
Also, your gesture will be followed by the next generations.